Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drawing at Straws!

 Gram, school will be over before lunch!  No more homework stress, no more uniforms, and no coming home before the street lights for almost three whole months.  I can't wait!!  I want to explode with happiness.
More of a holiday for Mom then ol' Gram I think!

I obtained by very first Ralph Lauren Polo shirt today, and I am sporting it a work.

The pink is more bodacious in person.

This week kind of rocks history.
We will watch as a legacy closes.

The memories of twenty year ago Brad Pitt ass and abs flash before our eyes due to the anniversary of Thelma and Louise

And the legendary impact of A Clockwork Orange's violence and metaphorical wisdom
replays 40 years later.

Most importantly, our family friend Anna gave birth to a baby girl, and my house wishes her the best of luck and several hours of sleep.

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