Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes my frugal (cheap ass) self develops a hard case of the wants.  As I shared at the beginning of the week, I plan to purchase a camera and a dishwasher this summer.  Although the day of purchase will be wroat with both jubilation and intense panic followed by powerless grief, I continue to want more and more stuff.  Not to steal from Mary Straton's Wish List Wendesday, but I plan to share some of my many wants with you today.

I want these from  What do you need that for?  I don't have any clue just want it and plot places to stick this imaginary treat.

I want this shirt with those shorts.  I would also take the polo in white.  In the liquor store several weeks ago I happened upon an above middle age lady in a white (real) polo shirt paired with a pink bermuda shorts.  She was so fresh, she was so clean, clean, and I was envious.  I want to look like a sophciticated lady that spends her days on the on golf course or tennis court (even though I don't play either).  However, turns out much easer to find bermuda shorts for plus size girls.  Not a big size zero item... go figure!  God, skinny soccer moms do exist.

I want light fixtures made of bottles.. Why? Who the hell knows!


I want a monagram short set for Elliott before she gets too big for one... Wha, Wha, Wha

Mostly I want more time with my hubie.  We see each other each night and spend some of that time hanging out.   I have no real right to ask for more (we have had a lot less time in the past).   Right now, I am tired or he is tired and the distance is felt.  I hope it levels out quick and I can feel more connected to him. I miss him and I think he misses me!


  1. I want red capri pants, chandelier light fixtures with crystals for the girls' rooms and a wide cuff bracelet with maybe fabric, ribbon and antique embellishments with the girls' names on it. :)