Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doggy Daddy

Life as married girl proves challenging at times.  However, The Hubie knows when and how to hit the jackpot.
Yesterday for instance, I jumped in my car to race to work to face another day, and this sad song sang sweetly.

This action constitutes The Hubie being cute.  He practices this song a lot at home and rigged my car to surprise me with the tune that is trapped in his head.  That moment overpasses the value of any damn flowers or diamond ring.
Well burgers taste better than a million bucks (to me) and The Hubie suggested a takeout date on two for one burger night from a local tavern.  I think this man might be my hero. 
Thank you Doggy Daddy for not only loving me but treating me special!

Now, that I totally embarrassed my true love.

Here are some incredible pictures of the flood in Memphis, TN from Time Magazine.

How beautiful ugliness can be.

Nature drowned the trailer park.

 Honey, forget the family pictures but grab the microwave.


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