Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids Say the Darnest Things!

This weekend was a bore which was perfect. Rushing through life has been my MO or Modus operandi (mode of operating) for last month and a half. All the plans I made were canceled except for a haircut for the gram bo sham bo. I laid like a cucumber and soaked up the light bulbs in my house. GREAT!! I tell you, great! I have some loose plans for each weekend coming up so I took advantage of the days and the time I have with my kids.

Some of the highlights...

(1) Lucy loves all things wedding and princess these days. After watching Tangled, she watched the royal wedding in its entirety via the web. Lucy told me several very cute things.
  • "People in England should kiss right away that is all anybody wants to see anyway!"
  • "I WILL GET MARRIED SOMEDAY!"... I am sure you will sweetheart.
  • "I want to wear a long white dress when I get married.  My bridesmaids will wear purple dresses.  I want to carry pink roses in by bouquet".
  • "My bridesmaids will carry orange flowers and no roses."
  • "Well, their not suppose to look as pretty as me, right?"
  • They are "gibberish" right... You mean British?... "Yea, yea, British."
(2)  My cousin was over playing on Saturday and called Gram a "Pussy".  He thought he was saying "wussy" and did not know the difference.  I mean really no idea.  SUPER CUTE!

(3)  Under the influence of pain medication when Lucy broke her arm she made some racially offensive comments about Mexicans.  Then never mentioned such things again.  At dinner one night this weekend she said the she did not mind Spanish talk but "I don't like the way Spanish looks".  Hank was quick to teach her the many things unacceptable about her comment.

(4) Potty Training is NOT GOING WELL!

(5) While watching the National Anthem being sung and the crowd responding, Lucy asked, "Does that mean everybody is dead or something?" 


Well, During the weekend My Hubie and I made a choice.  Chicago is out and a new dishwasher and
fancy camera are in! 

I beg for advice. Please any camera or dishwasher advice would be great.  Comment, Comment, Comment!

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