Friday, April 29, 2011

clips on Friday

I have not posted all week and I am super sorry.  I dyed my hair blonde and the peroxide must have
impaired by posting abilities.  (I now blame my hair on all my flaws and forget me nots!)
Anyway I am going to post two post.  First my clips on Fridays and then one started early in the week...
Party hardy the weekend... The Abosulte will rush quickly down my throat; I promise you that. 

I skipped Memphis in May this year to be more family involved. I am honoring the bands I love and am missing for my damn kids this Friday!
Have fun Andrea, John, and Will... and LeAnne at Jazz Fest!  Party for me and I love you even though I can't party with you to show it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clips on Fridays

This Easter I plan to join the Catholic faith officially.  In honor of my new move, I dedicated all the clips to the theme of religion (mostly of the Catholic nature).  If I finish the process, you can call me Catholic as of Saturday at 11 pm. 
Now to better understand this, I have gone through confirmation process four time in the past (3 times in other faiths and 1x with the Catholic) in all of them I chickened out, gave up or dropped out. 
  My husband was told last night that it he was told the process of joining the church was like "hazing".  It involves guilt, manipulation, hurt, and struggle, and that my friends puts any fraternity to shame.  The goal is make me stronger in faith, but presently, I just want to nap and prayers that I will show up on Saturday!!


Cocky Hollywood

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The sounds of Hollywood flowed through the streets of Greenwood and the surrounding Delta for what felt like and eternity. Surprisingly, it was really kicking for about four months when Greenwood housed The Help cast and crew. Don't get me wrong some of the infecting were lovely and I am glad to have had their brief company. Others were annoying, bossy suck asses (with possible coke problems/sex addictions). Mind you, "people" told me that some of the racist old biddies in our homeland followed some of the African American actresses around in stores as if they were shop lifting. So, I guess the the mixed emotions related to this place and that movie go both ways.

The trailer premiered on Monday night on ABC and many of the blogs have posted it this week. The world is a buzz. Well, I adore Entertainment Weekly and use it to gain many an opinion. One of my favorite issues every year is the summer movie preview addition. This week they profiled The Help in the August section with an interview (this is the 2ND one page article on The Help in this magazine).
I thought the article sucked!!!! They interviewed Tate Taylor, the director, and he dropped the f-bomb, talked about getting drunk with the cast, and treated Greenwood like a poor, pitiful financial project.

How Tacky, Tate!

That movie's cast and crew brought money into the community (a lot) of it and caused us to spend more money eating out and generally being seen. It was fun, I am glad it is over, and I thank them all for the both the money and the memories. The Help's energy helped Greenwood in a time when most of the country needed someone somewhere to throw them a bone.  But, The Help did not save anyone that I know personally, and I seriously doubt ever will.

Dramatic divisions in not only race but class paint our lives and as a person I am slowly trying to grow and change. The Delta and many of it's residence have and always will be impoverished. But, Delta people survive and are rich in culture. These flat landed individuals make life work year after hard year.

Deltans' pride themselves in their home, their food, their land, and their freedoms!

Deltans' spit on Hollywood's pity!
So, go adopt some foreign child or start a school in Zimbabwe, Hollywood!

Stop looking like a classless asshole Tate, and please for the love of God, don't try to save anything but your own dumb ass!
Thank you, bunches...

(Yes, I do curse quite a bit in my blog and might one day throw down the f bomb, but Iwas raised to know when to be yourself and when to put on airs.)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trends of the Trade

This is not my normal blog style, but I saw this backyard of dreams and fell in mad, passionate dream love with it. Please check out this link.  This is just one of many pictures that makes my want more money, more time, and more will.
And yes, Mary Neff Seabergh, I certainly thought about you while writing this blog post.

My fabulous office manager, Fran, told me today that these feather hair extensions were the rage and some hair salon in Cleveland, MS will profile them shortly.  Amazingly, I do not want Fine Feather Hair Extensions.

Four Twenty and 9 More Years!

Hey guys, Today is the four twenty and that means The Hubbie and I successful made it another year.  The four twenty welcomes one more year of wedded bliss and not a celebration of the crunk.  I told The Hubbie, "it feels like so much longer".  I don't mean that in an unhappy way!  I just barely remember my life without The Hubbie as a key member of the day to day.  Our love swept like rapid fire.  He passed out on me (on a couch), we kissed, we got knocked up, and we got married. 
Quite the love story if you ask me. 
 Our nine years have not been a breeze by any means.  Late night work schedules, school attempts, baby after baby, too much alcohol, releasing of our youth, finding adulthood, and little money plagued us through many of the years, but we overcame and trucked along. 
As a child, I dreamed of a man who loved his children as much if not more than he loved me.  I fantasied about owning my own home even if it was a shack.  I hoped to rarely sleep alone.
  My dreams were fufilled by The Hubbie.  The dream did not arrive in the package or on the day I expected but it did come. 
(I said come.)
I look forward to more years with The Hubbie and will never regret the joy-filled and the pain-filled last nine. 

Thank you Hank for tolerating me and please over look my iniquities for one more year!

Here are some flashbacks of my not so fantasy wedding!

On four-twenty, Dr. Dre finally released his long awaited album Detox.
(How cute Dre!)

I am a fan of the Dr. Dre, and I welcome him back to the saddle again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Be Gone

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Today, My youngest and most precious Elliott turns the big girl 2. For the last couple of months daycare worked to prepare me. They moved her to the big girl class, we bought panties, and started to discuss the tossing of the "pappy" (what Elliott calls her pacifier).

Despite every one's best efforts,

I am officially not OK with this!!!

I don't remember this being so hard with the other 2 kids. I longed for them to potty train and grow up so that I could have more help and more relief. Maybe because this is my last baby, maybe because she was born wanting to be twenty, maybe because I spent so many long nights with her in the hospital, or maybe because I am older; I just wanted her to stay little a little bit longer. With any other kid, I would say I am glad she is happy and healthy, but Elliott is mostly annoyed and almost always sick so that does not fit her.

I guess it is more fitting to say I am glad for her bitchy, bossy, cute, thinking she is grown, and living life her own way ass. She makes up her own names for people, she plays with your head, and she understand everything you say to her but can't talk worth a shit. And, she rarely minds you although she knows what she is suppose to do.

I love her; She is infectious!!!

I sucked up my bottom lip and threw together a Where The Wild Things Party. In patting myself on the back, the party turned out creative and cute. The pictures do not do it justice, but I witnessed both the young and the young at heart rocking a good time with the help of some cardboard boxes, a grill and some rum spiked "drink" (just for the grown folks).

Laps were run, beers/jungle juice were drunk, nails were polished, tacos were eaten and gossip rang in the air. Something for everyone literally.

PS... I want a nice camera to better have evidence to my children that sometimes I give a shit!

Happy B-Day my Elliott. I can't wait to watch you become a kid and then a woman, but I sure am glad you are just a toddler for now.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Clips on Friday

Well, springtime clicks away and with warm weather comes weddings, weddings, and more weddings. My anniversary fast approaches on four twenty and every weekend has a wedding or a wedding party on the agenda for The Hubie and I. Wedding Mania even reeks in my office. My office mate and buddy Laura Merrill from recently got popped the question. The general office chit chit suddenly changed to Wedding bliss. I would normally want to gag but find the genuinely giddy behavior of both of the future betrothed overwhelmingly inviting. I must toot my horn to say that I new that they would fall in love before they met (although did not see forever in the mist) and I predicted the month of engagement months ago and the day of the big do on the day before it was to pass. Needless to say, I have a Laura Merrill and Brandon gift of sorts. Well anyway, The clips this Friday have to do with the upcoming weddings and unforseen drama facing my very in love friends and family. What the hell, We all really love weddings right? The Ring...

The Dreams...

The Church... The Guest List...

The Brides Maids...

The Groomsmen...

The Dress...

The Cake... The Flowers...

The Learning the Importance of Mom...

The Joining of Families... The Fears...


The Prayers...

The Feeling Like a Queen... The Feeling A Little Sexy... The Planning and The Work that Leads to One Unforgettable Day... The Saying Bye to Your Past and Starting ANEW... The Trying to Recover...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The African Sleeping Sickness

I have a bad case of the African Sleeping Sickness. To explain, That is what I call feeling totally tired and worthless. Staying up to complete chores or finish a television show is a struggle. I want to lay in bed and nap all day but that seems highly unlikely. Tonight, exams for the sociology class and hugs and prayers with my still up babies. One day, I will be a playful mom again with time on my hands and fun games in my heart. Now, I am as eager to see them as to see them go to bed.

Sweet dreams my followers....take a snooze for me.

P.S. My new computer officially does not let me post pictures so I had to use Laura's to send...Gross! I hate technology!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Killed the Internet

I have not posted in forever in partly due to my killing the internet in my office with a super virus. The IT staff in all their glory provided me with a new deluxe computer. By deluxe I mean new rules, new regulations and new programs. I am way over my head. I plan to focus on the benefits to include being able to write my blogs on word with the new Microsoft office and the windows live attached to the new windows seven (which those commercials assure me that I had some voice in its design) and a large challenge of coping and adjusting to improved (not my strongest skill). I overall have high hopes. I posted a picture of Lucy in her new had and gap wardrobe from Saturday. I missed ya'll and look forwarded to blog 'in again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mess Up Time!

I have tried to post this load of fab pictures on my blog several times. When I try to check them the next day they are not on the damn blog. I will try again tonight.! The Worst part is my non facebook using self looks like a dumb ass when I try to tell the masses on the most popular of social network sites about the blog and the pictures, and THEY DON'T EXIST!!! Bare with and tell your friends that I am not a blog ego manic!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: Five More Questions for My Children

This a great blog for real (not goody two shoes moms). This rant is a little older but I went back and read it because if just hits home after yesterday! Hope you enjoy! RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: Five More Questions for My Children: "I have a few more questions for my beloved, wonderful children. I love them so much but sometimes they really, really confuse me and make my..."

Hank's Birthday Dinner

Hank and I pondered what to eat for dinner yesterday morning as we do each day. Do we settle for leftovers, eat out again, or pick at junk in the house. After some thought, I decide my man needed something swanky on his b-day. I prepared a small (frozen) lobster and Scallops which were sauteed with garlic in bacon fat and served over pasta with a bacon and lemon cream sauce. Then smothered a salad in Cesar dressing and dinner was served. I fed the kids a thin crust frozen pizza from the fresh market that even Lucy would eat. Watched a cute old movie called the Crystal Ball. Everyone was healthy and happy.

Peace at the Pantin House, Woo hoo!

I rednecked his birthday present by bistowing a carton of smokes, a 4 pack of Guinness, and a six pack of Stella on him. Way to class it up, Ginny Dank.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

33 Reasons My Hubbie Rocks!

I love my husband very much and today is his thirty third birthday. He helped me grow up and makes me feel special most days. I am really a lucky girl and hope that others are as lucky in love as I am.

During the good and the bad, I travel with him and I am forever grateful that he knocked me up.... again and again!

Happy Birthday to My Doggy Daddy!