Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gram's Birthday

In the honor of backtracking, I share the Gramenstiens big 8Th joint b-day with his best friend Mr. Head.

Well Gram's best friend Hunter Head has the same birthday which makes birthday planning a little nuts. This year we cut the mess and decided to do this shindig as a team. But then I went and pulled a Ginny by hoarding some stress. Ya Me!

So this is what happened....
The birthday was planned for October the 23rd, one day before the big b-day. I invited my niece to spend the night before thinking it would be fun and give my sister a break. And it was fun but Gram takes a medication to prevent migraines that makes the strongest man sleepy. My precious child has rarely made it to ten o'clock in his lifetime and has never stayed up after dosing his medication, but we have to test everything. In response to the kiddie heroine,
Gram vomited a train of disorganized emotion that even the best therapist would struggle to decipher. He cried, I cried. I felt the most intense aching that I have ever experienced. My sweet hubby rushed to my side and attempted to not only comfort me but remind me of the reality of the situation.

(1)He is 8 and has not experience near the level of pain that he will
(2) He is trying to grow and growing hurts
(3) and most importantly, He is doped up out of his mind.

His attempts are no match to the ever present crazy that is Ginny.
After no sleep, I woke to buy his favorite Donut and surprise him with a candle and a morning rendition of Happy Birthday. Failure! Resulting in a briefly heart broken Momma. And the beat goes on.
In the end, the party was a success.
Following a super po party, I was left alone with my son and his closest friend. I stayed a foot away from them but tried to be and observer. They shot each other with nerf guns, talked about kissing (gram has not), crushes (Gram has none), faith in the police force(after watching a drunk get arrested at Shoney's), and then God. Oh yes, God!

"Ms. Ginny does God and the Devil having meetings like countries that fight in wars?"
"What do you Think?"
"Well God knows everything so he does not have to meet with the Devil because he already knows; God is a really good man and I like him"
"Well Mom, I don't think God is a man."
"Oh, you don't"
"no I think he is the space around all the planets; How far does space go?"; "It does matter it is bigger than I count."

I then snuggled up close to my sweet son and cherished the time that he was still my baby. Then I remember that I am not in control of his life or his happiness. I am just a very lucky sidekick in his journey to manhood.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Progression of a Drunk


(1)the before shot, (2) starting to lose my whig, (3) dance party. Boy am I graceful!, (4) Hank is trying to dance with me, always a bad sign, (5) It appears that Hank is humping me and I am ok with it, (6) the after photo and yes that is my whig is now on backwards, (7) what looks like Lishman is just me the next morning......

Wonder what the next late night will bring?

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The Holiday Season is Upon Me!

Well my few followers, I have not blogged my life is some time. In order to redeem myself and my blogging skills, I plan to back track my life starting with the present and reflecting back.
I will start my journey through the past starting with Halloween. I have adored this most devilish of holidays since my early childhood. I have a passion to pretend for a moment that I am a more

confident, sexy, and a socially able nurse, doctor, fairy, etc...

My sadistic husband shares my passion for horror movies and all things gore. The sound of my home in October is a constant 24 hour movie showing of screams and leaves crunching from the Disney channel to TCM. I have always made my kids costumes and looked forward to my faithful tradition. But kids, will be kids! They went as Star Wars characters (thanks Hank), but I let go and valued their cuteness after all.

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I also dressed up and went through the drunken process that allows me to be youthful but reminds me how close to thirty I am.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sun and Fun

What are my favorite things? No, no not my spouse and children.
I love sunshine and parties with all my heart. I grew up in a home that was fairly outdated and always dirty. My priority, of course, was not making my bed, but friends and family were always welcome.
In adulthood, I continue to feel that way. My house is certainly not the nicest or trendiest. The abode will never be the cleanest in town, but I feel honored and joyed to have friends stop over to share my afternoon (and help me half ass parent). This Sunday some friends, family and their children stopped by for a late afternoon "impromptu" party. I enjoyed my afternoon so much. The highlights were the vodka tea, the my son being horse kicked, my cousin's dry humor, crazy statements, iced cookies in ears/foreheads, surprise visit with Erin, and the men rocking pool time with the kids. Thanks everyone and hope to continue to have many more sunny bashes (you are all invited most days!). No parent is perfect but this Sunday I felt that we are all doing the best we can without loosing ourselves.

Family fun is a lot more fun than all those single people realize!

REFESHING SWEET TEA... While catching up on my three month old pop culture!

Baby catching up on out dated pop culture just like her momma.

Want get in the pool just like momma. Notice the near passing out red face.

Dads doing their things.

Friday, August 13, 2010


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I love to watch the relationship with my all my children grow and change, but the one between my two girls excites me to no end.
I have three older sisters with them ranging from 10-13yrs older then me. I got a lot of love and ample instruction; however, I never tasted those special moments that I see in pictures at others homes to immortalize childhood bonding.

Oh, poor me right! Not hardly, I now get to watch my girls grow together in life and in pictures. And believe me, They are having a ball. One example is the times that Lucy wants to not be "big" and take a shower (somewhat by herself) and instead wants to be "little" in the bath tub with her little sis/new best friend.

Barbies and kens alike have many misadventures and trips to the beach. A bath crayon means the true development of original art and ritualistic writings. While I, on the other hand, get to finish supper and Grams homework in peace with the distant humming of laughter and life's memories being made.
Sometime child rearing does have its little gifts and is worth every penny and lost hour!!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Days

I loved school as a child and an adult. I loved college, I hated being sick in high school, and was social as could be in elementary. I now hate the induction of school. I say often and I am sure you have heard that I did not feel that parenting infants is a problem, I could be pregnant for a lifetime, but I would have kept my legs closed if someone told me about the burden of elementary school.

I have no memories of doing daily homework with my mother, but many of my memories of my three children involve me yelling or strongly disliking them while listening to them or their sibling learn to read, spell, or add.

10. I have less time in the morning.
9. I have less playtime with each child.
8. I forgot half this shit I am trying to teach them.
7. I have to have behavior charts and punsh them for shit they did not do to me and whoever they did it to probably deserved it.
6. Reading one book, then another, then another, and then story time before bed every night. I can't start a book I bought a month ago but i no entirely too much about the internal thoughts of a whimpy kid.
5. Spelling words (My second grader spells better than I)
4. Increased occurances of migrines in my very stressed out second grader
3. Feel increasingly anxious in reaction to my over stimulated children releasing energy while I am trying to focus energy.
2. Not sitting down on the couch until 9:30 when I could get on the couch by 8 in the summer.

I however put on a happy face try to act inthused by the new year. "oh, your teacher seems so nice", "I love that picture you drew", and my favorite "that "y" looks great (which is upside down and backwards)"

Yea!!! another year

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Do You Walk around With Those Things?


Well guys, I barely write and share my thoughts. However, I want to do better and plan to write at least three times weekly as my goal! Pray for me.

This is kind of an old thought, but it often haunts me. I love each of my children and have varied relationships with each. My son, my oldest loves me, and I love him but we often fit together like oil and water. However, I am the parent he trust with all the age old questions and not my husband. Why me I ask?

I have all sisters. I rarely had much relationship with men and continued to be surprised by the workings of my spouse. What gets my husband excited at times does not exactly blow my top. In conclusion, men are weird and often gross, but we love that about them.

All this leads to my son asking me what his balls were. WHAT???? It is partly my fault for blowing drying my hair while he was in the bathroom. But how do you answer that? I am not even sure what they do or why in God's name they look like that! I tried to provide the simple answer that they help your penis/ "teeter" work. That led to more questions. Can someone kick one of them off and can you Pee/ "tee, tee" if they do? This is where my mistakes come to life. I said, "I knew someone that got one kicked off and he goes to the bathroom fine. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO A CHILD?? My punishment....More questions, a larger water bill (delayed bathing), a resistance to soccer and I am sure 1yr of additional therapy.
Well at my rate as a mother what is one more year!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knee Deep in Poo

The television banters daily about the Gulf Coast being "knee deep in oil". As a mother of three I am still surprised by how many times I can use the same expression related to the infamous #2. When I was pregnant with my first child I was warned by an adult that all babies explode with poop. I in fact thought she was crazy until all of my children have explode. I mean feces on the ceiling, tile, mouth, and even behind my ear. No matter how old or how potty trained my children become they have to tell me each time they go to the bathroom and praise them for wiping themselves despite them being solo on the act for years. From the time I come home each day my whole world revolved around the bathroom and all bathroom activities. Then once again yesterday I was amazed by the grossness of it all and glad to have a spouse to help me.

I was secretly on the computer working on my collage (I have not told my spouse who would harass me unmercifully) while my wonderful spouse was sitting down to eat the dinner he had to cook himself. Now let me explain, I am not an over protective mother. I do not watch my children every second. In fact all the major injuries in my home have happened while I watched so it might be for the best that I am not a hover mother. Anyway, my son (Gram age 7 & 3/4) comes down stairs making excuses for some event in the bathroom but will not say what the event is. The parents in the house run to the bathroom in unison. In there my youngest has decided to remove the toilet paper out of the potty after my son had gone #2 and not flushed. As we the parents start to re bathe the children in anti-bacterial hand soap my oldest and most precious continues to make excuses about how "I was just washing my hands and...", "It happened so fast, Mom", and the best, "I can't remember to do everything".

Matter of fact, It is not his job to watch her; however he has been potty trained since before he was three and now he is almost eight. WHY, OH WHY can we not yet flush the potty directly after using the bathroom. I should not ask questions that will never be explained to me. And as we tried to encourage/explain to my oldest two children to just get to the point in a time of need they walked out of the room and ignored the adults completely. My, oh my, I can not wait for teenagers that spend hours in the bathroom by themselves doing gosh knows what without wanting to discuss it with me. I hope that my knees are free of poo, one day in my dreams....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its a Drag Getting Old

Ya, I am blogging.....
Throughout my years in this trying life, I spent hours and several failed attempts searching for a talent or talents. The truth is after all this self discover, education, and counseling I remain puzzled to the purpose of my life or even something to blog about. Blogging presents itself as a test. I hate to miss a trend and this might even allow for some improved mental health so I plan to give it a try. I am a person who has feared 30 since childhood. Although my sisters are in their late 30's and early 40's and look great. I believe that I will wake up on Monday following my birthday with belly fatty, fat back, Alzheimer's, and crows feet as deep as canyons. Yes, Yes, my thoughts are illogical and sightly delusional but they are so deeply embedded in the darkest caverns of my mind that I have no hope the image will pass. I must maintain and try to cope until that dreadful day on November the 29th. With the help of my family and friends, this aging hag will try to raise 3 heathen children, sale a forsaken house and survive the torture of getting older, which includes facing growing up before my kids do. I invite you to take this journey with me while forgiving my cursing, debauchery, desperate child rearing practices,impaired grammer, and consistent self doubt...... Want to take the ride?