Tuesday, May 3, 2011





Times they are a chang'in.  The days when I could feed my family of five at a fast place for less then $10 are gone. The proof is in the pudd'in.
The other day, when I had a long day's case of beer belly and exhaustion, I treated the family to backyard burgers so that I could partake of a chicken sandwich. 
Lucy rode because she always wants to go.  I studied the menu and started to order the most cost effect choice for each member. 
Then, Lucy was asked do you a kids burger or a junior burger.  
I of course asked for the cost.  
Lucy jumped in quickly!
I want a burger with everything add bacon and cheese. 
What kind of cheese?
"I want the kind you slice, not the one that you take the plastic off!"
Done and Done Little Lucy!
She is a lady that knows what she wants and can be pursuded to try almost anything with bacon these days.  I love to watch her eyes glow at fabulous tastes.  As an infant (many like two), she once ate six fried eggs with my in-laws. 
I see many more brinners in my future 
Party on My Party Girl!

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