Friday, May 6, 2011

Clips on Friday

Yes, today is clips on Friday.  With plans galore, our family will be running more than playing this weekend.  First communion for Gram, walking for TEAM CHARLIE ROGAN, and gymnastics recital for Lucy Goosie.  I for one am pumped.

I had several ideas for clip plans, but I am choosing to profile my youngest and most bitchiest Elliott.  This precocious two year old slept with a Maggie Simpson doll as long as I can remember.  Last night, I heard her say "Macky" for the first time...very cute.  Elliott epitomises Maggie Simpson. 
Here is Her Dedication!

Her parents worried about feeding another mouth.

Elliott knows how to sucker that Daddy every time.

She has the cure for cancer but is not spitting it out!

She certainly has some slutty dance moves.

She is sneaky as shit!

All in all she is the family's baby.  She is mean, stubborn, resistant, exhausting but funny as hell.  We all let her run the show and I might bash her head in before she is in adulthood.  Really, pray for me.

Happy Weekend!  Rock on!

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