Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Made It!

Well guys, I survived another weekend and really enjoyed myself this time.  I would of course have pictures if I had not forgotten my camera when attending Lucy's Gymnastics recital.  Then the batteries were dead at the March of Dimes walk.  Followed by putting old batteries in the camera before the Robert Johnson Fest.  Finally in the rush to get Gram to 1st communion on time, I did not even grab a phone.  Really, I might be a lost cause. 
(In fact, I left my phone at my cousin's house on Friday and did not notice until Saturday afternoon!)

Well I did get some at the fest of the Hubie dancing with his most precious ladies

It was a perfect day with perfect weather and both the March of Dimes walk and the Robert Johnson Tribute rocked.  We hung out with good people, cute kids, and drank cold beer (only at the fest).  I can personally not ask for more than that.

On Saturday, I talked to an old friend briefly.  I struggle with my loss of my past.  I married and I moved on.  My youth friends tried to include me, but I continued to pull away.  Now, they are very distant.  I want to know how they are doing, I want them to be doing well, but I am saddened every time I do hear about them.  I luckily had my Mom visit on Sunday.  She was super understanding and comforting.  A big point for the Lucy Bob.

Through this weekend, I discovered that my kids are a part of my life and not the opposite way around.  I have not changed that much.  I still like to party both with and without my children.  I am lucky to have people in my life who live with children as a fixture as well (so that mine don't interrupt me as much).  I am not embarrassed to change a diaper while sipping a beer and smoking a ciggy.  It want be the first time my banger parenting skills have come to play. 

 I enjoyed my children this weekend a lot and I enjoyed sending them to school this morning!   

This song on the radio also hit the spot on a semi-shitty morning!  I hope it cheers you up, too!

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  1. We totally didnt get pics made Sunday! I promise we will tho! the way i see, the time must not have been the BEST to have the MOST fab pics made yet!