Monday, June 6, 2011

So Where Have I been!

So where have I been?  Why no blogs?
Well because I took a break to drink a
shootload of

And chill with my oldest son that
 sidebar: acted like and ass last night
proving that time and nurturing do not build better children
Children just are little jerks sometimes no matter the level and quality of
parenting you attempt.  Oh, Great... Right!

Anyway!  Today because I am in recovery from the weekend and have a permanent case of beer belly
and a total potty mouth (noticed)
 I plan to just post some random shots taken by the new camera.
PPSSSS.... Pool dicks finally started on the pool which means this day might be my favorite.

In effort to improve my attitude I will declare one fabulous aspect of my life each day! Or put a positive spin on a recent event in my life... Here it goes:
1. I am Not Preggers!  (Thank you God for birth controls' 98% success rate)
after dreaming of killing one of my young last night
another at this point would certainly get me to fast fame on
Nancy Grace.

 1st Picture

 1st black and white shot

 1st close up shot

 1st pic with a flash

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