Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I Learned from 127 Hours

I really should purchase more Kavu products!


I think all God's children need Mag Lites!

Swiss Army knives rock and ones from China make it harder to saw off your own arm.

When death is impending, water is absent, and arm functioning is impaired, Men continue to think about sex and might try to jack off (just to see). Gross!!

Danny Boyle creates beautiful movies that trigger feelings of both pain and peace through their a individualized description and vision.... For example:

Pain in the form of disgust for these lost people and DEAD BABY (oh my, haunted) Beauty in telling a drug tale with entertainment but not glorification.

Pain visualized in no answers, no family, no information, and no security. (very human) Beauty shown in the love gained the hope kept.

Hard to watch because of the fast moving subtitles, some intense poverty, and some hell-of-a beatings. Beauty in escaping into another country and into the love of two lost souls. Also those kids got to go the the Oscars...Awesome!

If trapped by a rock, cut your arm off on day 3... Waiting until 5 is just showing off.

And for the love of God if you leave home leave somebody a post it stating her whereabouts!!!!


Overall this movie was not a joy to watch, but the film was gorgeous. If to die anywhere, allowing the Earth to eat you whole might be the best way. I feel this story was told fairly and did not display that sappy snot fueled mess I expected.

I recommend watching, and I will doubtfully ever watch again!

(sidebar: I would have used a jam band soundtrack or at least had Trey A. to compose the score due to Aron's obvious fan ship)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Waiting for the NASW conference, I delay reading my book by mindlessly playing on the Internet. Flashes of Elizabeth Taylor continue to grace the active trending list. My hubby and I have often discussed the quintessential beauty and influence of the ole Liz on her time and our country. I await and enjoy most of her movies on TCM and remain often amazed by the change in the idea of American beauty in our culture. She was the look and would not be as much today due to lack of curves, an obsession with Blondie, and focus on tits not eyes. Here are some of my favorite shots of her from some of my favorite films. April 10 is a 24 hr. tribute on TCM... be sure to check it out.

simple outfit that transitions time

She can make lying around in a nightie seem like fashion.

Wonder if the was what dinner at the Burton Taylor home was like....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today, I finally fixed my tires and in a few hours I will get my haircut. I HATE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW!!! The stuff falls out all over the house as if I suffered cancer treatments. I am ready. Since December 2010, I perplexed about cutting my do into a bob such as one of these. Sitting in church Sunday watching the hair of the congregation getting longer and longer.... I chickened out. I am just going to get a trim with some color to hide the massive amounts to grey about!!! Grief stricken describes me. I long to be brave with my hair and CUT IT OFF. I however associate beauty and attraction from others based on my hair length. Hank could give a shit and the interest expressed by others should not matter to me. But, the view of others does bother and worry me greatly. I want to look young and sexy and fear that a drastic hair change would further weaken my self image. Well maybe next time....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Review

I went to lunch with my best friends A and Will and A's sister Erin and was eating away when I screamed OH SHIT. I had forgotten about my pledge. I then ate some more (got to get my moneys worth). Gross, Sorry, I suck......

This weekend my family watched Haunted Honeymoon for movie night.
The kids laughed and questioned the Dom Deluise's fancy for cross dressing but all was well.
I ate some, um.... and bites of shrimp poboy which is not very good.
Shrimp tastes like soap to me go figure.

I smoked cigarettes and I......

drank lots of bud. After every conversation from religion, to rock, to my ability to blog, I said toodles to my hubbie and passed smack out in the bed.
My spouse had a bizarre late night that I only heard about while trying to make midnight water.

Following somewhat of a headache and day of shopping with my middle and most precious and suck ass potty training Elliott (not successful)... She peed all over the floor moments after I left the house after hours of to the potty .... back and forth. I HATE THIS PARENTING CRAP...Well, I digress.

We watched Megamind on Saturday. It was pretty cute in fact.
We ate more popcorn following a steak dinner cooked redneck style by my hubbie in honor of my very sunburned and handsome son.

Then to Mass we go in which I spent every last minute in the bathroom. Sit on the potty, throw toilet paper in potty, flush potty, wash hands, and leave the room. Then go right back in to do it again.

On Sunday afternoon the girls and I went to the princess party of Stella. Yea! Miki!! It was quite the success. The party not only was full of kids and moms but dads as well which is a birthday party oddity. What a cute cake... P.S.

Then on to take dance class group recital picture. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! Thanks to the Hodo's for hookin us up with some shoes and socks. Yes, Miki we forgot shoes on Sunday as well (IT IS CONTAGIOUS!)

I broke down and bought this dress to slip in Elliott's Easter Basket..... I just thought it was cutie patootie!

This is what Lucy is asking for.... She said she would settle for "a zebra print cowboy hat" if the Easter bunny did not have access to a Gap! WHAT THE HELL!! My child asks for a fedora, really!
I do think it is cute and she might get it early if her mom is feeling frisky.

Well, that was my weekend can't wait to see the week. If I am already sinning on Monday at lunch, this week looks pretty good!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My St. Paddy's Party

First, I listened to Irish punk on my way home from work.

Next, I prepared pork chops braised in Guinness and smothered with a fried onions gravy.
(very diet friendly... at least we had salad too)

Then, I sipped cold Guinness in a frosted glass.

(with clean counters)

Finally, We watched The Fighter.

(stay tuned for review later)

Throughout the night, Hank and I quoted from this favorite bathroom reader

(Thank you John!)

On my green filled night, I drifted to slumber on my couch with a full belly to awaken to another day.

Lucy Outfit 03.18.11

Lucy develop this look for the Friday she has longed for all week.
I admit that I was impressed.
She paired a Hanna Montana Tee with her boyfriend shorts over striped leggings.
she finished the outfit with purple converse one stars and then rocked a side pony with a
large white bow.
(Way to be hip go Lucy Goosie!)

The clean teeth is always a plus in appearing cool, as well.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Photograph Well

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St. Paddy's Day!

Today is my Mom's favorite holiday. Her theory is that St. Paddy's Day is the only holiday that nobody expects anything from you. As I try to corral the masses (as a result of not getting my ass out of bed until ten minutes before this train wreck was under way), My mother called with her yearly serenade.

O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round?
The shamrock is by law forbid to grow on Irish ground!
No more Saint Patrick's Day we'll keep, his color can't be seen
For there's a cruel law ag'in the Wearin' o' the Green."

I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand,
And he said, "How's poor ould Ireland, and how does she stand?"
"She's the most distressful country that ever yet was seen,
For they're hanging men and women there for the Wearin' o' the Green."

I forced Lucy to untuck her shirt, administered some hair bows, snapped some photos and I fled out the door.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I hate time changing. I feel fat. The sound of others annoys me. I am proud to say that I totally suck today. The devotional today was about prayer. Yea! Please day, suck some more.

"There will always be a small patch of sky above, and there will always be enough space to fold two hands in prayer".

Blah, Blah, Blah.....My bad attitude infects those a around me, but I am not ashamed.
Spring break brings joy in the form of no homework, no Wednesday night church, and no worrying about what my family looks like.
I, however, choose to BITCH instead of enjoy the first part of this week.
Maybe growth and peace will enter my life but right now I want, want, want....

more money

more sleep

more confidence

more personal satisfaction

more clothes





Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday in Pictures!

Turnrow Bookstore was ablaze in music and beer (sold out right at the last song). Folks from Greenwood, Cleveland, and even Oxford. One Austrian visited which means the party is really hoppin. "How lovely to have something on a Sunday afternoon" and praise for Hank encompassed much of the banter. Praying for more shows and more family fun. Which prayer is needed. It did not read a devotional yesterday and did not make it to mass and showed up almost a hour late for work today. Way to meet high expectations chick! Well tomorrow is just around the bend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Hubby the Rock Star

Do you like cold beverages, family fun, and sweet tunes. I certainly do. I want to kick back with a few coke a colas ($1) or ice cold brew ($3) in one of my most favorite places, Turnrow Books and receive the musical stylings of bookstore veterans to include my hubbalicious Hank and drum master/ukulele specialist Ben Arnold joined by neighboring friend Will Griffith. All three musicians have varied skills and specialities but bond together with a combined passion for sound.



The shaking starts about 3:00 on Sunday March 13

at Turnrow Books in Greenwood, MS

If you, unlike me are not Turnrow Junkie/possible stalker then you might not be familiar with the fabulous acoustics, the cozy setting, the family friendly environment, the comforting porch, the many tempting books, the now featured discounted items, and a great beer selection of only the best loved brewskies to wet your whistle.


No excuses! Load the family in the car and head on over to Turnrow Bookstore on Howard St. in Greenwood, MS on Sunday the 13 of March at 3:00 and lasting until.

Friends, customers, children of all ages, and excentrics of all types are invited to bring the party!

Check out Turnrows website and blog to learn more a see picture of this true Delta tresure!

Daily meditation 3.11.10

Yesterdays meditation was a dud so I did not comment!!! Today the two I read were interesting to me. They both related to fasting for lent and really not eating meat on Fridays. P.S. I learned that the nasty fillet-of fish and indirectly the "give me some fillet-of-fish commercials" (which are infectious) have lent to blame. Thank you very much once again you Catholics!!! Anyway back to the inspiration part, right.
I learned first that not eating meat or eating it is my choice. I reminded that it is a symbol. It is a symbol that unites millions of people in one act on one day a week. Struggles and hardship bring moments of longing that hint at the pains of others and remind us of our blessings. Free will exists, and the choice is ours. Which one will I make, the right or the wrong one. God's want remain mysterious really, but I feel the unbearable pain of self defeat and disappointment when I devalue and distrust my morals. I decide how to live and if to take the time to care and help others daily or just SUCK. It is the small choices that make a man more that he big ones I fear and send so much time planning for.
I can act more kindly.
I will take more steps to notice my actions today.
I prayed with my children last night amongst the fight of who was going to play the DSi whatever other crap they could invent. I don't know that it helped them but it tells me of my children's' need for more time with the real, there me and not just the body.
I am going to ask my son for a hot spring break date next week to the movies and offer him the
opportunity to ask Lucy Goosie only if he wants to. I think he needs on 1:1 time, but I let his free will make the choice. That is if he accepts my invitation!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Check Out This Giveaway on My Friends Blogs!

We all love a giveaway right. Come on... I know you make comments on blogs in hopes of winning things you may not even want. Well this is an opportunity to get something great and for a good cause!

That sassy Blondie in that family photo above is Miki McCurdy. Her photography and design skills are sweeping the Delta. You might have seen her work advertising for the Sweet Pea or you might have grabbed one of her cards while in the Parlor and other local businesses. I bet you witnessed her talents in the pictures that you envy in your friends' homes and websites. Watching my friends Stephanie and Robert's kids grow through her lens and artistic vision has been a fun for me personally.

Now you can have her photograph you and your clan. In a great giveaway, encouraging the success of TEAM CHARLIE ROGAN you can win a 30 minute session with the Miki all for yourself...And it is easy to register...Why does this continue to get better and better!!!???

To register to win you have to go to and make a donation. For every ten dollars you give you will receive an entry. DO YOU MEAN A $100 WILL GET ME 10 CHANCES!!! Yes I most certainly do! You have until March 18Th to get your pocket book out and shell out some dough. Don't forget to write on Stephanie's blog at to inform her of your addition to the loot and insure that you get registered. Be sure to leave a method for her to contact you if you are the big winner like an email or phone number.


An expression of the Gillespie family by Miki

(just some of the evidence of how bad you want this)