Thursday, September 29, 2011


This Tuesday the re-release of Nirvana's Nevermind hit the music
scene.  I, like a nerd, listened to Satellite Radio's interviews and tracks related to the band all weekend!

My favorite Nirvana song was originally a B-Side to the iconic
"Smells like Teen Spirit"
Now, It will proudly rests on the re-issue (Yahoo!).

The Song:


The Reason:

Because it reminds me of dancing with my BFF (all the time and forever).
I know we will be really sexy in the nursing home.
It is the best song to pull over on the side of a dirt road and head bang too.

To all the BFF's out there and to all of your tunes.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fight Club

Recently, the family vacation on the coast has been a hot group topic.
I longed to escape from the the reality of G'wood
and relax on the warm beaches of 'Bama.

Unfortunately, The Hubie and I started one of many lets face the dislikes and concerns
that avoidance has been the prescription for at home.

Yea, This married couple broke out the boxing gloves for World War 2011!

That is right guys.  The Hubie and I fight.  Not often but with passion and with vengeance.
Always have. 

We fight to release frustration, insecurities, resentment, and self pity.

We fight with anger, frustration, fear, worry, and hope. 

We started this fight club from the moment we hit the condo.  We felt heartbreak, love, and exhaustion and we survived.

I don't know how the argument started or what the fight was about. 

The highlight was when we had made up then started back at it in the parking garage of the condo.  I was standing up and finger pointing like a sick scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

When another couple walked up and said to Hank, "I see your wrong again (laughing)".  Embarrassed, I hid quickly to listen as they explained to Hank that they had been married for 35 yrs.  This couple told him that the fights would decrease in intensity over the years but hopefully the the communication and passion would remain.  They walked off holding hands and providing hope that one day we will be too old for this shit.  Hank and I decide to make up!

In honor of this horrible story.  I will share three brief previous fight stories that trigger laughter to us now.  The Hubie can be a real asshole sometimes but his stories are his to tell. 
These are me showing my ass!

1.  When we were dating and out in downtown G'ville we got in a fight while walking to the car that
happened to be parked in front of the police station ( Tequila was involved).  I was refusing to drive and yelling.  Hank said to stop because the cops would accuse him of attacking me.  I then yelled because I thought this was stupid..... Knock, Knock on the window.  "ma'am, is this man hurting you?"... "oh, no"...."Sir, I think you are and want to take you in right now".... "oh, no officer he was not (embarrassed)"... "I have my eyes on you buddy"... REALLY, REALLY!

2.  We were fighting in my bedroom at my mom's house about the fears related to having a baby and if when could do it.  As I bounce up and down on the bed  (of course yelling with my hands).... The bed broke and fell dramatically to the floor in which my mother runs up stairs and probably thought we were making whoopee or something!  Yea, don't you wish I was your catch!

3.  As a very pregnant girl, I finally stopped waiting tables to stay at home, study, and prepare for this upcoming change.  I decide in the first week to be a good house wife and make dinner for when my spouse came home at midnight.  I choose quesadillas.  I burned one, then two, and then on and on...Hank walked in the middle of the burning.  I don't know how it was his fault, but it was.  As I yelled and cried.  Hank picked me up and carried me to bed.  He tucked me in and will never let me live down that rush of hormones for the rest of my life.

I guess if we survived that then we have more to come and more memories to make!

P.S. I really do love The Hubie despite these events!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy B-Day To You!

My Middle and Most Precious turned 6 yesterday!
She ate her way through the day proving that she is bound and determined to not be little Lucy
I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast (her favorite meal).
She order waffles and fried eggs over easy.
Her wish was my command.
I treated the kids to Waffle House take out to include an all star
breakfast for the Lucy.
(She finished off all the eggs and the waffle before school.)
She went to school (ate cheese sticks and a goody bag of candy), to dance class (a sucker),
and to soccer (some Now n Laters and a Gatorade).
Then she went home to play with her new Barbies and eat dinner and to top off the rest of the all star breakfast.
God lover, six is a hungry age.
Happy birthday Lucy!
She wanted a pancake breakfast birthday party. Lets hope kids show at ten in the morning!
Am I the only dead beat that wants to sleep in?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Clips on Friday!

Its that wonderful time of the year.....

It's Sunny in Philly Time!

Sitting down and watching television is not an option for me often

But I always make time for Sunny in Philly!

I missed the first episode this season.

(cried a little)

However, last night I made time.

I was not my favorite episode but I look forward to some gang time.

My favorite character is Charlie (because he looks like The Hubie)

So here are some good Charlie clips!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gram Time

Gram Needs Some Time!

I often post pictures of the girls and share funny stories related to raising a toddler.
In the mix, Gram gets lost.

My personality clashes with Gram due to similarities.
In fact, I was told by medical and mental health professionals
to allow Hank to be the leader in the parenting of my
oldest and most precious. 

Although I wanted to wring his neck last night, I admit that he got lots of family attention on vacation.
He deserved it.

He was helpful with his sisters, jealousy free, and quite enjoyable to be around.
(Other than his intense fear of jellyfish and "landsharks"....Thank you Dorothy)

The go carts might have been the key factor in sweetness, but
I believe his man trip to early morning fish
with Captain Mike was a memory he will cherish in
( Keep in mind Gram hates any food "from the sea"!)

Gram with Granpaw. He wants to be as far from that fish as possible.
Gram caught that red fish though.

 Getting brave!

More interested in the boat than the fishing I bet!

 The Haul!

Gram took these pictures of the cookout later that night.
Notice the steaks due to Gram refusing a bite of his catch!

How exciting it was for The Hubie and The Oldest the
feed the family through time spent with three generations of
Pantin men.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vacation is Over!

Hey, long time no see!
I spent all last week preparing for my yearly vacation with the
family and the in-laws.
Then I traveled 6 hrs (with 3 regularly schedule bathroom breaks)
to sit on a beach and read a book!
However, I have a two year old so sitting on the beach for hours straight was not in the cards.
I enjoyed myself and my family and got a big slap in the face that
I don't spend enough time enjoying my family.
I spend most of my time bitching about them or yelling at them.
I look at some of the pictures I took. I think if I don't chill out and enjoy it before this
vanishes then I will be truly heartbroken.

I promise I did not forget about Gram.  More on him later!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Clips of Friday!

Oh, My Gosh!!

I really need a weekend and It is here.

Hell, yea!

Anyway, I hate the 9.11 anniversary stuff because it was a really hard week for me which I will discuss later.

Despite my dislike for the memories, it happened and It will be in my face all weekend. 

When I got in The Hubie's truck to go to work
(yea, got to drive the Pathfinder!)
I Love You New York by Ryan Adams was
cranking.  I recalled that video being taken off the air
because the towers are in the video and
were triggering emotional distress to the masses.
It was a crazy time.

 But most importantly, It made me think about the strength of
that city and the survival of
human nature.

Here are my clips....

The Event

The Heartbreak

The Death

The Togetherness

The Prayers

The Hope
The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diamond and Pearls

Diamond girl or pearl girl that is the question?

I am a pearl girl true and true but I do love sparkle sometimes.
My mother, a large diamond and lots of pearls girl, gave me a baby strand of pearls for each of my girls on their 1st birthdays. 

I never think to put them on them before special events.  I try to put those miniature sets on my self.  I honestly rarely acknowledge jewelry's existence.
Last Saturday as I got dressed to attend a baby shower,
I placed my pearls around by neck with Elliott watching intently.

She then handed me a set and asked if she could wear them. 
I told her yes because they were hers and gentle placed them
around her sweet (still baby fatted) neck.
Wear them she did until we took them off last night while she
was pitching a fit after church.  I told her that she could wear them whenever she wanted if she would JUST CALM DOWN! 
I thought she will never remember this necklace. 

Wrong!  This a.m. she had me the strand and said in her
most manipulative voice with eyelashes batting....

Of Course! 
I think I love her.

(still learning the camera phone)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let the Yelling Begin!

Well, I have been a witch lately if you know what I mean?
This week has been a totally yell fest for me. I feel a little anxious and the loser of
this situation has been my Lucy Goosey.
How did it start you ask?
On Monday, I made hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad
side. Lucy ate maybe two bites after moving her fork along the plate
(don't know where she learned that from)
The Hubie and I instructed her to eat 1 more bite of every item on her plate.
She ate one small bite of meat, an egg out of the salad, but no potatoes.
Without saying a word, I feed her a bite without gravy as I cleaned the table and her plate.
She expanded her cheeks out in total balloon fashions and with cliched teeth
informed me that she was too grossed out to swallow.
I, the firm parent, yelled, "swallow it Lucy"
Then she made herself throw up all over my kitchen.
(to say the least)
I screamed how I was not going to put up with this "crap", banned fast food (except on Thursday when we have company), and abolished all after school snacks ("even if your starving").
I banned Lucy from television for about 15 minutes which felt like years...
(you know what I mean if you know Lucy.)
How did this angel become this way...
(I might have had something to do with it.)
My tension exploded on all my children this week...
Knowing is have the battle right. 
I hope to be a kinder more patient mom through the end of this
(maybe I need medication, ha ha)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Clips on Friday!

So, I got a new phone last Friday and ruined it with in 2 hours,
preceded into alcoholism, and the rest is history.

Yesterday, I obtained a replacement.  This Samsung Captivate
terrifies me... but oh well!

Pray for me and my weaknesses with nice things.

My plan is to be one of "those people" that
facebook my every move...
You excited or what?

College football started last night.  And don't get me wrong, college football is great. 

But, remember the fun of high school football?
I was never a cheerleader and only attended games
at dear ole Washington for half time to support my friends.

I however loved dress up days and pep rallies and the smell of hamburgers grilling the the air.
Tonight I plan to take the bigger of the young ones to support the local high school team.
In honor of the glorious time in youth, lets take a trip back with the
sounds of the game days of old.....

Shall We....

Did you like that?  Funny huh?

Did you notice that Freddy Mercury's shorts look more like
whitey tidies

Cool Stuff!  High School in the 90's was very, very.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dropping the Bomb!

I am not docile or sweet. I adore cursing.
Really, I embraced it at about 16 after years of fight'in the
urge and married The Hubie, who lets face it, made it a art form.
Although, I love this art I do know the time and the place to use it
(not that I always follow the rules)
In fact, The Hubie accuses me often of scaring my fellow girl folk with my dirty mouth.
Yesterday, I started telling a story that dropped the biggest of big words the
I lived a breathed that word on the big hump day and found many uses for it.
Sorry if I offended the masses with my terminology and F off... Ha, Ha
I might have been inspired to blantantly use the word by the watching of one of my favorite
(weird choice for childhood classic but that is me)
If you have never seen or not seen it in a long time, you should watch it when the kids (if you have any aren't lurking around).
This is my list for the 15 best lines out of a hundred good ones.

15. Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.

14. They all want me as a friend or a fuck. I'm worshiped at Westerburg and I'm only a junior.

13. This isn't some spoke in my menstral cycle.

12.The note'll give her shower-nozzle masturbation material for weeks.

11. You blow it tonight, girl, and it's keggers with kids all next year.

10.Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.

9. What is your damage, Heather?

8. Football season is over, Veronica. Kurt and Ram had nothing left to offer the school except for date rapes and AIDS jokes.

7.Yeah, but this is Ohio. I mean, if you don't have a brewski in your hand you might as well be wearing a dress.

6. If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a   human being. You'd be a game-show host.

5. Great pate, mom, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that funeral.

4.. I sold her out for a bunch of Swatch dogs and Diet Coke heads

3. Now I've seen a lot of bullshit. Angel dust. Switchblades. Sexually perverse photography exibits involving tennis rackets. But this suicide thing...

2. My son's a homosexual, and I love him. I love my dead gay son.
Wait for it... Wait for it
1. Well, fuck me gentle with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Computer at Work!

My computer at work is acting a fool. I am going to blog as much as possible.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Mania!!

I am not preggers... THANK THE Lord!

But I discovered over the weekend that not only have I gotten

to old to handle my liquor (if I ever could) and the

world is officially pregnant.

Congrats and Good luck to

all you mom's to be.

I have for quite a long time dreamed of the impregnation of

Mogul dream wife Beyonce

And finally bitch you have

heard my prays and will soon give me my fantasy

People Magazine sell outs!

Fingers crossed I will get a nursery expose and the baby came...

Lets sell the pictures for major benjamins spread!

OK, I talked to my office mate Laura M. this morning and remembered that my middle baby cakes had "I like big butts" stuck in her head a week ago.

I am talking humming the ditty to herself on the soccer field.

Don't know where she heard it (probably some Disney show), but it was good, good stuff.

Jam with me, guys....

Lets all remember Harry in is time of need!

I love the often fallen Prince Harry.

He was getting some bad press this morning for falling into a pool at a bar head


They news media forgets to mention this happens the day before the anniversary of his mom's death. Get good and drunk Prince Harry!

You and your loss are in my prayers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Time Travel and Soap Boxes

Spoiler Alert.....

I plan to soap box it a little bit (warning!).

My children remain young and somewhat innocent, and I cannot foresee my feelings in the future regarding aging.
However, I often preach about my stresses and problems in relation to Breathalyzers before dances and other parent invasions of the teenage dream.
Don't get me wrong; my kids punishment for drinking and driving and puking on my floor will be extensive.
The "lets stay at the Pantin's; their parents are always asleep" won't happen with Hank tipsy on the couch!
I do want want with all my heart for my children to be successful teenagers someday. And by that I mean, I long for them to face life's questions and struggles of peer pressure with as much grace as possible. I want them to gain confidence and memories that will last them a life time.

I say all this because Gram's new favorite song is Kings of Leon "Back Down South". I watched the video with him and traveled back to the reason I love the MS Delta so much.
Greenwood does not offer a movie theater, but it provides more life, spirit, and freedoms of flat open land that others are hard pressed to beat.

I hope I can display the good nature required to teach my children the lessons of a safe and moral life and love them intensely through those fun times they F it all up!

What do you think about this video? Does it feel as personal for you as it did for me?

This song is one of Gram's friends (who is not near as cool) favorite song. It also inspires some of those same time travel feelings for me!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Much on Posting...

As I have shared openly recently, I struggle to blog in the present. I lack interest in my own voice (and have had a broken computer at work). Anyone who has ever met me knows that I intensely dislike change and change is overwhelming recently. Kids grow up, summer ends, school starts, weight gains, and money wains.
Most devastating, however, is my best friends (sans my spouse) are moving and their lives are dramatically altering. Excited for them, yes I am. But, I am also heart broken and lost in the face of this change.
I noticed myself start to slip into the comfort of books and other distractions of reality.
I want to kiss my kids each day and make my love and time evident. I however often forget to show love to my spouse and children by being emotionally present.
Do y'all feel absent at times?

Have I made you feel miserable yet with my Debbie Downering?

Remember the positive, right! My coworker and office mate Laura Merrill is back.... woo, hoo, hoo!

And this recent video, OK Go is known for creative videos and this is no exception. Live they were not my favorite. It might have been the distraction of The Hubie past out on a beach at 11 am or the hangover I was feeling but needless to say I will not be buying a ticket for them in the future.

They are best on youtube!

Fun huh?

I also heard about this video this morning. I really like LCD Sound system, but more I enjoy when people are smart and cute. This video redo is worth checking out!

Feeling Better already.


I plan to write a blog each weekday to also help this feeling. I am comforted by the good

company I share in my blogging slump.

It truly seems that not blogging is the trend the last two weeks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The sounds of school buses and morning whines fast approach the Pantin house.  Yesterday, I paused to remember the good times by snapping some camera shots of my girls.
Yes, Lucy fashion sence lead to a Barbie cheer costume and Hello Kitty jewelry...God Bless her.

As for clips, last week a posted a Cults song that I love.
This week the band released a video which I find to be very smart.
Hope you enjoy it as I do.

Go Outside, by Cults from Boing Boing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad Mothering at Its Finest!

This weekend I finally caved into severe
peer pressure from an 8 year old
and purchased
Grand Theft Auto.

My child begged for this game for about two years.  I said no and Hank said hell no.  After two years, we, as a unified unit, were tired an
succumbed to the begging and pleading.

I hid in the store as if I was stealing something.  I looked around for cameras, placed in behind my back, and prayed for

When I arrived at the counter, the lady asked me if the game was for me or "the child".  Like a deer in headlights, I respond "I am paying for it".....

"that is not what I asked mama"

Oh, Holy Crap she is own to me.. I am going to bad parent jail.

She stated that she had to read a statement
"this game contains violence blah, blah, blah.....
realistic sex scenes"
I shouted "what"... I was now having a full on panic attack!
"I can't do this"... I repeated.

Gram started to repeat "I knew it wasn't going to happen" with his face as if he had his only friend snatched from his life. 

The lady looked at Gram and asked "why do you want this game so badly"
Gram explained that he wanted to walk around, get into cars, and maybe shoot guns.
The acne faced clerk assured me that the sex and extreme violence required skill and missions and as long as he stole cars he would be fine
Gram came home and started playing with all the joy imaginable in this child's eyes. 
I was not selling drugs or committing crimes.
In his young mind, he was an ambulance driver, a mac truck cruiser, and the occasional policemen.
He liked to watch television and buy burgers not women.
I thought to myself, "you dumb ass he is just a child and his mind still thinks with the innocents of a child.
Then I heard some old man while my so was just trying to purchase a burger in Liberty City say,
"I cant get an erection which is crazy 'cause her tits were huge"
 "Gram lets play this game on mute!"
"OK momma, the people in this town are so mean"
Well, just another day in the world of a poor parent!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Clips on Friday!

I know, I know....
I have not blogged in forever.
I am generally lazy and spent
much of my time self reflecting as
of late.

However, I thoughts some clips this
Friday might help me make through the day.

(warning lots of F-bombs)

(I love the unnecessary use of the F-word!)

(I will be dancing with my kids to this song, tonight!)

Deep Breaths
(This song helps me chill out!)

Sorry for not being the
best blogger these days!
I hope to have to bring to the table
next week.

Good weekend to all and to all a goodnight!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Best Friends and Arch Enemies!

Instead of posting clips this
Friday, I am going to show you
one of things that makes me the happiest.

I finally have a child that has not only
a best friend but one with parents that I love.

Lets AW WWW! at them together


Charlie, Help with this thing I know that it opens, somehow.


Mom, Stop and let me do it "me self"!

The long walk of life!

I hope they continue to love each other for many years to come.
And, know that they better not get in trouble as teens
because I want pay
to bail them out!

I plan to see my best friend this weekend
I hope you get sometime or a chat with yours!

Happy Friday!