Friday, May 13, 2011

Clips on Friday

Today's clips on Friday will kind of be all over the place.  I am in a rush to get my work done and take Lucy to the recital dress rehearsal.  Which by the way I though was the 19th and the recital on the 20th until day before yesterday.  I was also missing parts of the costume and had forgotten to pay for three months.  GREAT MOM, right!... Well this weekend will be full of everything dance but Friday the 13th can't go unforgotten... P.S. bought a camera last night and dude broke it while packing it to ship it this morning.  The holidays love me!


As the the river rises, I think of relief and aid this addition to the Hati Relief Program rings in my head.  I have to give Justin Timberlake prompts for a well done cover!

In honor of Lucy's dance recital, my favorite dancer ever!


Have a great weekend!!!

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