Thursday, May 19, 2011

Posting Again

Gram, my rarely sick child, got a stomach bug that prevented me or distracted me from blogging.  I did get to catch up on some much needed Oprah.  An episode including Ralph Lauren showed a glimpse of our friend Mary's hubby Oakley being the cowboy that he is.  What a lucky treat.  I should have not been so cheap and gone to that damn wedding! Regrets, regrets.

I promised pictures of Lucy dancing and here we go!  I think my girl is the brightest star but that is just my stage mom slipping out!

Getting Ready!

Jamming Out!

The other children that I did not kill while supervising!

 The child I abandoned during the show
to jam out with family!
(check out that sweaty look...gross)

Really cute outfit this week!

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