Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drawing at Straws!

 Gram, school will be over before lunch!  No more homework stress, no more uniforms, and no coming home before the street lights for almost three whole months.  I can't wait!!  I want to explode with happiness.
More of a holiday for Mom then ol' Gram I think!

I obtained by very first Ralph Lauren Polo shirt today, and I am sporting it a work.

The pink is more bodacious in person.

This week kind of rocks history.
We will watch as a legacy closes.

The memories of twenty year ago Brad Pitt ass and abs flash before our eyes due to the anniversary of Thelma and Louise

And the legendary impact of A Clockwork Orange's violence and metaphorical wisdom
replays 40 years later.

Most importantly, our family friend Anna gave birth to a baby girl, and my house wishes her the best of luck and several hours of sleep.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Everything Tastes Better on a Stick!

This my dudes and dudettes is spaghetti on a stick
Matt Armendariz's take on food often interests me on his blog, Matt Bites.  Well today, one of his recipes from his cookbook and oddity, On A Stick!, made it all the way to the weekly recipes on Yahoo. 
How cute is this, really?
I have never have tried it and most likely never will try it.
But, I do wish I was that Mom that would.

Just in case you are; here is the recipe.

Serves 4

Homemade Meatballs
1/2 pound lean ground beef
2 tablespoons minced yellow onion
1 garlic clove, minced
1 egg white
2 tablespoons seasoned bread crumbs
Salt and pepper, to taste

5 cups plus 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 pound cooked spaghetti
2 cups marinara sauce
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
8 Popsicle sticks
Salt and pepper

1. Line a baking sheet and a shallow baking dish with parchment paper.

2. Make the Meatballs: Place all meatball ingredients in a medium bowl and mix until well combined. Shape into 1-inch balls and place on the prepared baking sheet.

3. Warm 3 tablespoons of the vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add meatballs and cook, turning to brown all sides, until just cooked through. Remove from heat and let cool.

4. Gently toss meatballs, spaghetti, marinara sauce, and Parmesan in a large bowl until thoroughly combined. Place mixture in the prepared baking dish, cover, and refrigerate at least 12 hours and up to overnight.

5. Preheat the remaining 5 cups of oil to 350F. Cut chilled pasta mixture into 8 equal squares. Remove squares from baking dish and insert a pop stick into each. Carefully place spaghetti sticks in pot, one at a time, and fry about 6 to 8 minutes, or until golden and crispy. Drain on paper towels, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve warm.

What a Bloody Mess

This weekend kicked my ass with a nephew graduating from high school and wedding season in full bloom.  I will post pictures of those events taken by my new Canon Rebel XS later, but today, lets discuss the torment that is my youngest child.  On Friday, while she refuses to let me touch her or assist her with any task, Elliott slipped off to my niece's room.  When she appeared, red was everywhere.  Her mouth, her feet, and my nieces bed.  My first reaction: She bit her damn tongue off.  No, just a bath in fingernail polish.  I scolded her and went to work cleaning the situation.  I tightened the lid of the polish and discreetly placed the tiny jar behind my nieces television.  I returned to the joy of my nephew opening his graduation gifts.  Then, reenters my child with a mouth full of fingernail polish, a ruined sun-in-sand, and my sisters hard wood floors looking like a scene on CSI. 
How did she get the bottle open?
How did she know where the bottle was?
How did she sneak off again? 
I will never find the answers to these and many more questions, but I might have to start taking a Zanax everyday with this one. 
Pray for me.
P.S. During this drama Gram informed the family that he could not say "oh, god" (which I was saying alot) at school because it was taking the Lord's name to Spain.

Maybe, I can laugh through life, but I think drugs might help everybody else deal with me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Posting Again

Gram, my rarely sick child, got a stomach bug that prevented me or distracted me from blogging.  I did get to catch up on some much needed Oprah.  An episode including Ralph Lauren showed a glimpse of our friend Mary's hubby Oakley being the cowboy that he is.  What a lucky treat.  I should have not been so cheap and gone to that damn wedding! Regrets, regrets.

I promised pictures of Lucy dancing and here we go!  I think my girl is the brightest star but that is just my stage mom slipping out!

Getting Ready!

Jamming Out!

The other children that I did not kill while supervising!

 The child I abandoned during the show
to jam out with family!
(check out that sweaty look...gross)

Really cute outfit this week!

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Politically Incorrect!

Morman Porn! Thought this was funny too.  I am not a really good person at all!

Another Monday!

This weekend was crazy.  I volunteered to be one of the backstage moms for the dance recital and dress rehearsal.  The dress rehearsal lasted from 3:30 until 7:00 Friday night in which 30 children were in the care of several exhausted mothers.  Saturday involved less children but more exhaustion.  In the end, I raised pretty awesome children in comparison to many.  I also would pay more taxes to have some of  those children I supervised to remain only children!!  Well, I survived. 
Thanks to my sister, LeAnne.  I got some pictures.  It will post them once I have a chance.
So cute, really!

For family movie night, my crew watched Summer School.  I love sharing the things I adore with my children and watching them respond openly.
 Chainsaw and Dave you rock Arss!
And are still funny almost 30 yrs later.

I also am posting this politically incorrect video.  Friday the 13th inspired Hank to remember this joke montage from one of the Nightmare on Elm St.  Really seriously funny!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Clips on Friday

Today's clips on Friday will kind of be all over the place.  I am in a rush to get my work done and take Lucy to the recital dress rehearsal.  Which by the way I though was the 19th and the recital on the 20th until day before yesterday.  I was also missing parts of the costume and had forgotten to pay for three months.  GREAT MOM, right!... Well this weekend will be full of everything dance but Friday the 13th can't go unforgotten... P.S. bought a camera last night and dude broke it while packing it to ship it this morning.  The holidays love me!


As the the river rises, I think of relief and aid this addition to the Hati Relief Program rings in my head.  I have to give Justin Timberlake prompts for a well done cover!

In honor of Lucy's dance recital, my favorite dancer ever!


Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blue Valentine

Last night, The Hubie and I sat down to the emotionally, devastating  journey that was Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling and Michell Williams. This movie surpassed any realistic marriage movie from my perspective.

Mind you, The Hubie and I followed gut in choosing to marry. We were not old friends or long lovers. We met, we felt as if we had a past, we made a baby, and we got married. There was a peace in our love like we were saving each other from ourselves. Life was grand as we got to know each other and started a family. Six years later once all to know was known times got hard and then got harder (I said harder, ha).

SPOILER ALERT!!! In this movie the couple does not make it.  They plumit as if watching a painful documentary from a hidden camera of what a couple doesn't want you to see and know. Critics gave a hard time to a motel scene which I found long but probably the most real part of how men often try to fix situations with lets get drunk and screw problem solving method.  As challenging as it was, I saw

This film hurt, but I would  witnessed it again because the smile were worth the tears (Ryan was laugh out loud funny.).   I guess the reasons why movies are glossy and nice is because too real makes us feel exposed and venerable like a skinned knee. 
Who likes  a skinned knee?  But It sure is fun right before you get one.

The sound track was perfect in my opinion done mostly by Grizzly Bear (similar to Elliott Smith) with a memorable track by Penny's and Quarters and an endearing moment from Ryan Gosling himself.

Check Out This

Penny's and Quarters Track

and this
Grizzly Bear Track... I Live with You!

and cute Ryan Gosling
You Always Hurt the Ones You love


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doggy Daddy

Life as married girl proves challenging at times.  However, The Hubie knows when and how to hit the jackpot.
Yesterday for instance, I jumped in my car to race to work to face another day, and this sad song sang sweetly.

This action constitutes The Hubie being cute.  He practices this song a lot at home and rigged my car to surprise me with the tune that is trapped in his head.  That moment overpasses the value of any damn flowers or diamond ring.
Well burgers taste better than a million bucks (to me) and The Hubie suggested a takeout date on two for one burger night from a local tavern.  I think this man might be my hero. 
Thank you Doggy Daddy for not only loving me but treating me special!

Now, that I totally embarrassed my true love.

Here are some incredible pictures of the flood in Memphis, TN from Time Magazine.

How beautiful ugliness can be.

Nature drowned the trailer park.

 Honey, forget the family pictures but grab the microwave.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Made It!

Well guys, I survived another weekend and really enjoyed myself this time.  I would of course have pictures if I had not forgotten my camera when attending Lucy's Gymnastics recital.  Then the batteries were dead at the March of Dimes walk.  Followed by putting old batteries in the camera before the Robert Johnson Fest.  Finally in the rush to get Gram to 1st communion on time, I did not even grab a phone.  Really, I might be a lost cause. 
(In fact, I left my phone at my cousin's house on Friday and did not notice until Saturday afternoon!)

Well I did get some at the fest of the Hubie dancing with his most precious ladies

It was a perfect day with perfect weather and both the March of Dimes walk and the Robert Johnson Tribute rocked.  We hung out with good people, cute kids, and drank cold beer (only at the fest).  I can personally not ask for more than that.

On Saturday, I talked to an old friend briefly.  I struggle with my loss of my past.  I married and I moved on.  My youth friends tried to include me, but I continued to pull away.  Now, they are very distant.  I want to know how they are doing, I want them to be doing well, but I am saddened every time I do hear about them.  I luckily had my Mom visit on Sunday.  She was super understanding and comforting.  A big point for the Lucy Bob.

Through this weekend, I discovered that my kids are a part of my life and not the opposite way around.  I have not changed that much.  I still like to party both with and without my children.  I am lucky to have people in my life who live with children as a fixture as well (so that mine don't interrupt me as much).  I am not embarrassed to change a diaper while sipping a beer and smoking a ciggy.  It want be the first time my banger parenting skills have come to play. 

 I enjoyed my children this weekend a lot and I enjoyed sending them to school this morning!   

This song on the radio also hit the spot on a semi-shitty morning!  I hope it cheers you up, too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Clips on Friday

Yes, today is clips on Friday.  With plans galore, our family will be running more than playing this weekend.  First communion for Gram, walking for TEAM CHARLIE ROGAN, and gymnastics recital for Lucy Goosie.  I for one am pumped.

I had several ideas for clip plans, but I am choosing to profile my youngest and most bitchiest Elliott.  This precocious two year old slept with a Maggie Simpson doll as long as I can remember.  Last night, I heard her say "Macky" for the first time...very cute.  Elliott epitomises Maggie Simpson. 
Here is Her Dedication!

Her parents worried about feeding another mouth.

Elliott knows how to sucker that Daddy every time.

She has the cure for cancer but is not spitting it out!

She certainly has some slutty dance moves.

She is sneaky as shit!

All in all she is the family's baby.  She is mean, stubborn, resistant, exhausting but funny as hell.  We all let her run the show and I might bash her head in before she is in adulthood.  Really, pray for me.

Happy Weekend!  Rock on!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

 Today, my blogging is all things food.  Last night I cooked a easy mu shu pork from a recipe at that you can find here.  I only altered it slightly.  I beat an egg (yes, I said beat) and the made a thin omelet with sesame oil to include in the mix.  I also placed a strip of rooster sauce on the inside of each shell.  The recipe was bland, and I remedied the problem with some garlic salt and cracked pepper.  This recipe was a keeper!  My pictures were fussy, of course.  These are kind of what mine looked like and then what it was suppose to look like.

Inspired by Laura Merrill's blog.  I am finally discussing the huevos rancheros that my Hubie and I made.  They were great.  Hank actually made the sauce following a bad experience with a local restaurant.  My Hubie said screw eating there! We will make it at home and it was great.  Our recipe was a mixture of several others and some brain work of our on.  Hank cooked down onions and peppers with chipotle peppers in adobe sauce (about 2) then through in a can of rotel.  It was hot as hell!!  We added some fresh tomatoes and a touch of sugar.  The sauce was perfect.  Spicy but the flavor delivered a rich distinct taste.  Hank topped the light sauteed corn tortilla with a over easy fried egg then the sauce.  We sprinkled with shredded cheddar because our store did not carry queso fresco.  sprinkled some cilantro on top and sided with beans.  Hubie and I ate like pigs on this feast for several days and will remember it fondly on this day of Mexican Independence!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes my frugal (cheap ass) self develops a hard case of the wants.  As I shared at the beginning of the week, I plan to purchase a camera and a dishwasher this summer.  Although the day of purchase will be wroat with both jubilation and intense panic followed by powerless grief, I continue to want more and more stuff.  Not to steal from Mary Straton's Wish List Wendesday, but I plan to share some of my many wants with you today.

I want these from  What do you need that for?  I don't have any clue just want it and plot places to stick this imaginary treat.

I want this shirt with those shorts.  I would also take the polo in white.  In the liquor store several weeks ago I happened upon an above middle age lady in a white (real) polo shirt paired with a pink bermuda shorts.  She was so fresh, she was so clean, clean, and I was envious.  I want to look like a sophciticated lady that spends her days on the on golf course or tennis court (even though I don't play either).  However, turns out much easer to find bermuda shorts for plus size girls.  Not a big size zero item... go figure!  God, skinny soccer moms do exist.

I want light fixtures made of bottles.. Why? Who the hell knows!


I want a monagram short set for Elliott before she gets too big for one... Wha, Wha, Wha

Mostly I want more time with my hubie.  We see each other each night and spend some of that time hanging out.   I have no real right to ask for more (we have had a lot less time in the past).   Right now, I am tired or he is tired and the distance is felt.  I hope it levels out quick and I can feel more connected to him. I miss him and I think he misses me!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011





Times they are a chang'in.  The days when I could feed my family of five at a fast place for less then $10 are gone. The proof is in the pudd'in.
The other day, when I had a long day's case of beer belly and exhaustion, I treated the family to backyard burgers so that I could partake of a chicken sandwich. 
Lucy rode because she always wants to go.  I studied the menu and started to order the most cost effect choice for each member. 
Then, Lucy was asked do you a kids burger or a junior burger.  
I of course asked for the cost.  
Lucy jumped in quickly!
I want a burger with everything add bacon and cheese. 
What kind of cheese?
"I want the kind you slice, not the one that you take the plastic off!"
Done and Done Little Lucy!
She is a lady that knows what she wants and can be pursuded to try almost anything with bacon these days.  I love to watch her eyes glow at fabulous tastes.  As an infant (many like two), she once ate six fried eggs with my in-laws. 
I see many more brinners in my future 
Party on My Party Girl!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids Say the Darnest Things!

This weekend was a bore which was perfect. Rushing through life has been my MO or Modus operandi (mode of operating) for last month and a half. All the plans I made were canceled except for a haircut for the gram bo sham bo. I laid like a cucumber and soaked up the light bulbs in my house. GREAT!! I tell you, great! I have some loose plans for each weekend coming up so I took advantage of the days and the time I have with my kids.

Some of the highlights...

(1) Lucy loves all things wedding and princess these days. After watching Tangled, she watched the royal wedding in its entirety via the web. Lucy told me several very cute things.
  • "People in England should kiss right away that is all anybody wants to see anyway!"
  • "I WILL GET MARRIED SOMEDAY!"... I am sure you will sweetheart.
  • "I want to wear a long white dress when I get married.  My bridesmaids will wear purple dresses.  I want to carry pink roses in by bouquet".
  • "My bridesmaids will carry orange flowers and no roses."
  • "Well, their not suppose to look as pretty as me, right?"
  • They are "gibberish" right... You mean British?... "Yea, yea, British."
(2)  My cousin was over playing on Saturday and called Gram a "Pussy".  He thought he was saying "wussy" and did not know the difference.  I mean really no idea.  SUPER CUTE!

(3)  Under the influence of pain medication when Lucy broke her arm she made some racially offensive comments about Mexicans.  Then never mentioned such things again.  At dinner one night this weekend she said the she did not mind Spanish talk but "I don't like the way Spanish looks".  Hank was quick to teach her the many things unacceptable about her comment.

(4) Potty Training is NOT GOING WELL!

(5) While watching the National Anthem being sung and the crowd responding, Lucy asked, "Does that mean everybody is dead or something?" 


Well, During the weekend My Hubie and I made a choice.  Chicago is out and a new dishwasher and
fancy camera are in! 

I beg for advice. Please any camera or dishwasher advice would be great.  Comment, Comment, Comment!