Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let the Yelling Begin!

Well, I have been a witch lately if you know what I mean?
This week has been a totally yell fest for me. I feel a little anxious and the loser of
this situation has been my Lucy Goosey.
How did it start you ask?
On Monday, I made hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad
side. Lucy ate maybe two bites after moving her fork along the plate
(don't know where she learned that from)
The Hubie and I instructed her to eat 1 more bite of every item on her plate.
She ate one small bite of meat, an egg out of the salad, but no potatoes.
Without saying a word, I feed her a bite without gravy as I cleaned the table and her plate.
She expanded her cheeks out in total balloon fashions and with cliched teeth
informed me that she was too grossed out to swallow.
I, the firm parent, yelled, "swallow it Lucy"
Then she made herself throw up all over my kitchen.
(to say the least)
I screamed how I was not going to put up with this "crap", banned fast food (except on Thursday when we have company), and abolished all after school snacks ("even if your starving").
I banned Lucy from television for about 15 minutes which felt like years...
(you know what I mean if you know Lucy.)
How did this angel become this way...
(I might have had something to do with it.)
My tension exploded on all my children this week...
Knowing is have the battle right. 
I hope to be a kinder more patient mom through the end of this
(maybe I need medication, ha ha)

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