Friday, September 9, 2011

Clips of Friday!

Oh, My Gosh!!

I really need a weekend and It is here.

Hell, yea!

Anyway, I hate the 9.11 anniversary stuff because it was a really hard week for me which I will discuss later.

Despite my dislike for the memories, it happened and It will be in my face all weekend. 

When I got in The Hubie's truck to go to work
(yea, got to drive the Pathfinder!)
I Love You New York by Ryan Adams was
cranking.  I recalled that video being taken off the air
because the towers are in the video and
were triggering emotional distress to the masses.
It was a crazy time.

 But most importantly, It made me think about the strength of
that city and the survival of
human nature.

Here are my clips....

The Event

The Heartbreak

The Death

The Togetherness

The Prayers

The Hope
The Light at The End of The Tunnel

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