Friday, September 2, 2011

Clips on Friday!

So, I got a new phone last Friday and ruined it with in 2 hours,
preceded into alcoholism, and the rest is history.

Yesterday, I obtained a replacement.  This Samsung Captivate
terrifies me... but oh well!

Pray for me and my weaknesses with nice things.

My plan is to be one of "those people" that
facebook my every move...
You excited or what?

College football started last night.  And don't get me wrong, college football is great. 

But, remember the fun of high school football?
I was never a cheerleader and only attended games
at dear ole Washington for half time to support my friends.

I however loved dress up days and pep rallies and the smell of hamburgers grilling the the air.
Tonight I plan to take the bigger of the young ones to support the local high school team.
In honor of the glorious time in youth, lets take a trip back with the
sounds of the game days of old.....

Shall We....

Did you like that?  Funny huh?

Did you notice that Freddy Mercury's shorts look more like
whitey tidies

Cool Stuff!  High School in the 90's was very, very.....

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