Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy B-Day To You!

My Middle and Most Precious turned 6 yesterday!
She ate her way through the day proving that she is bound and determined to not be little Lucy
I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast (her favorite meal).
She order waffles and fried eggs over easy.
Her wish was my command.
I treated the kids to Waffle House take out to include an all star
breakfast for the Lucy.
(She finished off all the eggs and the waffle before school.)
She went to school (ate cheese sticks and a goody bag of candy), to dance class (a sucker),
and to soccer (some Now n Laters and a Gatorade).
Then she went home to play with her new Barbies and eat dinner and to top off the rest of the all star breakfast.
God lover, six is a hungry age.
Happy birthday Lucy!
She wanted a pancake breakfast birthday party. Lets hope kids show at ten in the morning!
Am I the only dead beat that wants to sleep in?

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