Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Much on Posting...

As I have shared openly recently, I struggle to blog in the present. I lack interest in my own voice (and have had a broken computer at work). Anyone who has ever met me knows that I intensely dislike change and change is overwhelming recently. Kids grow up, summer ends, school starts, weight gains, and money wains.
Most devastating, however, is my best friends (sans my spouse) are moving and their lives are dramatically altering. Excited for them, yes I am. But, I am also heart broken and lost in the face of this change.
I noticed myself start to slip into the comfort of books and other distractions of reality.
I want to kiss my kids each day and make my love and time evident. I however often forget to show love to my spouse and children by being emotionally present.
Do y'all feel absent at times?

Have I made you feel miserable yet with my Debbie Downering?

Remember the positive, right! My coworker and office mate Laura Merrill is back.... woo, hoo, hoo!

And this recent video, OK Go is known for creative videos and this is no exception. Live they were not my favorite. It might have been the distraction of The Hubie past out on a beach at 11 am or the hangover I was feeling but needless to say I will not be buying a ticket for them in the future.

They are best on youtube!

Fun huh?

I also heard about this video this morning. I really like LCD Sound system, but more I enjoy when people are smart and cute. This video redo is worth checking out!

Feeling Better already.


I plan to write a blog each weekday to also help this feeling. I am comforted by the good

company I share in my blogging slump.

It truly seems that not blogging is the trend the last two weeks.

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