Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diamond and Pearls

Diamond girl or pearl girl that is the question?

I am a pearl girl true and true but I do love sparkle sometimes.
My mother, a large diamond and lots of pearls girl, gave me a baby strand of pearls for each of my girls on their 1st birthdays. 

I never think to put them on them before special events.  I try to put those miniature sets on my self.  I honestly rarely acknowledge jewelry's existence.
Last Saturday as I got dressed to attend a baby shower,
I placed my pearls around by neck with Elliott watching intently.

She then handed me a set and asked if she could wear them. 
I told her yes because they were hers and gentle placed them
around her sweet (still baby fatted) neck.
Wear them she did until we took them off last night while she
was pitching a fit after church.  I told her that she could wear them whenever she wanted if she would JUST CALM DOWN! 
I thought she will never remember this necklace. 

Wrong!  This a.m. she had me the strand and said in her
most manipulative voice with eyelashes batting....

Of Course! 
I think I love her.

(still learning the camera phone)

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