Friday, August 26, 2011

Time Travel and Soap Boxes

Spoiler Alert.....

I plan to soap box it a little bit (warning!).

My children remain young and somewhat innocent, and I cannot foresee my feelings in the future regarding aging.
However, I often preach about my stresses and problems in relation to Breathalyzers before dances and other parent invasions of the teenage dream.
Don't get me wrong; my kids punishment for drinking and driving and puking on my floor will be extensive.
The "lets stay at the Pantin's; their parents are always asleep" won't happen with Hank tipsy on the couch!
I do want want with all my heart for my children to be successful teenagers someday. And by that I mean, I long for them to face life's questions and struggles of peer pressure with as much grace as possible. I want them to gain confidence and memories that will last them a life time.

I say all this because Gram's new favorite song is Kings of Leon "Back Down South". I watched the video with him and traveled back to the reason I love the MS Delta so much.
Greenwood does not offer a movie theater, but it provides more life, spirit, and freedoms of flat open land that others are hard pressed to beat.

I hope I can display the good nature required to teach my children the lessons of a safe and moral life and love them intensely through those fun times they F it all up!

What do you think about this video? Does it feel as personal for you as it did for me?

This song is one of Gram's friends (who is not near as cool) favorite song. It also inspires some of those same time travel feelings for me!

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