Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gram Time

Gram Needs Some Time!

I often post pictures of the girls and share funny stories related to raising a toddler.
In the mix, Gram gets lost.

My personality clashes with Gram due to similarities.
In fact, I was told by medical and mental health professionals
to allow Hank to be the leader in the parenting of my
oldest and most precious. 

Although I wanted to wring his neck last night, I admit that he got lots of family attention on vacation.
He deserved it.

He was helpful with his sisters, jealousy free, and quite enjoyable to be around.
(Other than his intense fear of jellyfish and "landsharks"....Thank you Dorothy)

The go carts might have been the key factor in sweetness, but
I believe his man trip to early morning fish
with Captain Mike was a memory he will cherish in
( Keep in mind Gram hates any food "from the sea"!)

Gram with Granpaw. He wants to be as far from that fish as possible.
Gram caught that red fish though.

 Getting brave!

More interested in the boat than the fishing I bet!

 The Haul!

Gram took these pictures of the cookout later that night.
Notice the steaks due to Gram refusing a bite of his catch!

How exciting it was for The Hubie and The Oldest the
feed the family through time spent with three generations of
Pantin men.

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