Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fight Club

Recently, the family vacation on the coast has been a hot group topic.
I longed to escape from the the reality of G'wood
and relax on the warm beaches of 'Bama.

Unfortunately, The Hubie and I started one of many lets face the dislikes and concerns
that avoidance has been the prescription for at home.

Yea, This married couple broke out the boxing gloves for World War 2011!

That is right guys.  The Hubie and I fight.  Not often but with passion and with vengeance.
Always have. 

We fight to release frustration, insecurities, resentment, and self pity.

We fight with anger, frustration, fear, worry, and hope. 

We started this fight club from the moment we hit the condo.  We felt heartbreak, love, and exhaustion and we survived.

I don't know how the argument started or what the fight was about. 

The highlight was when we had made up then started back at it in the parking garage of the condo.  I was standing up and finger pointing like a sick scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

When another couple walked up and said to Hank, "I see your wrong again (laughing)".  Embarrassed, I hid quickly to listen as they explained to Hank that they had been married for 35 yrs.  This couple told him that the fights would decrease in intensity over the years but hopefully the the communication and passion would remain.  They walked off holding hands and providing hope that one day we will be too old for this shit.  Hank and I decide to make up!

In honor of this horrible story.  I will share three brief previous fight stories that trigger laughter to us now.  The Hubie can be a real asshole sometimes but his stories are his to tell. 
These are me showing my ass!

1.  When we were dating and out in downtown G'ville we got in a fight while walking to the car that
happened to be parked in front of the police station ( Tequila was involved).  I was refusing to drive and yelling.  Hank said to stop because the cops would accuse him of attacking me.  I then yelled because I thought this was stupid..... Knock, Knock on the window.  "ma'am, is this man hurting you?"... "oh, no"...."Sir, I think you are and want to take you in right now".... "oh, no officer he was not (embarrassed)"... "I have my eyes on you buddy"... REALLY, REALLY!

2.  We were fighting in my bedroom at my mom's house about the fears related to having a baby and if when could do it.  As I bounce up and down on the bed  (of course yelling with my hands).... The bed broke and fell dramatically to the floor in which my mother runs up stairs and probably thought we were making whoopee or something!  Yea, don't you wish I was your catch!

3.  As a very pregnant girl, I finally stopped waiting tables to stay at home, study, and prepare for this upcoming change.  I decide in the first week to be a good house wife and make dinner for when my spouse came home at midnight.  I choose quesadillas.  I burned one, then two, and then on and on...Hank walked in the middle of the burning.  I don't know how it was his fault, but it was.  As I yelled and cried.  Hank picked me up and carried me to bed.  He tucked me in and will never let me live down that rush of hormones for the rest of my life.

I guess if we survived that then we have more to come and more memories to make!

P.S. I really do love The Hubie despite these events!

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