Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making Up for Yesterday!

Well, I forgot to blog yesterday.
That is kind of the skank that I am.

Last night my children reinforced reasons to only have one child, and
the youngest and most bitchiest was nice for a change.

Lucy has a hard case of middle child syndrome following the grown ups not paying for dance camp.  She adamantly denies a problem with missing dance camp but voice several problem statements to include:

"I think you love her more then me"

"Why do I never have activities with snacks"- this had tears

"My room is not my room anymore"- yet again tears

"You don't even know my favorite chicken, WHY???"- full on breakdown
(mind you all of this phrases were said in a tortured voice)

Through this drama, we read

This book was a gift from who knows who.
It was so cute.  Elliott said the letter sounds as we read it and she laughed. 
Then as the family said the lords prayer and Elloitt copied the sounds of Lucy's words and copying her hand movements.
We all laughed at her!
  It was by far my favorite moment.

Or maybe, it was when Gram asked why none of the judges on The Voice told the contestants that they "should not be famous". 

My yesterday blessing in order to make-up
2. I have the financial security to make small mistakes without hardship.

For Today,
3. I have enough love for 3 children and a spouse even if they cannot aways feel it.
(l love Lucy!)

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