Monday, June 13, 2011

Back From the Weekend!

I survived my nights and days without The Hubie and The Boy (barely) with the help of my mother (The bobster) and my sister.  Thanks again for pushing me to get some sleep.  Well, I finished my project which I will post later and my house is falling slap apart.  I am still content in my life and feel like today is a pretty good day. 
Even though, It is officially hot as Hades

Falling asleep to cheesy ass Teen Wolf on MTV is to blame for my rocking attitude this morning.

 Or maybe, It was hanging out and buying liquor at Ware's Wine and Spirits in Cleveland on my extended lunch break.  Brian rocks at shooting the shit and being a bag of smut (oh college).

  Or possibly, buying this cute tutu for Little Lizzy ( an unseen part of my extended family in Chi Town). 

Or seeing this picture of The Boy's cute backside.

The day will be perfect if this attacks me on the way home. 
Fingers crossed you guys.

Hope UR Having a Great Monday!

Item #5
5.  That when the world seems bad.  It could always be worse!

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