Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Thoughts

Another weekend came and went and now back to the ever faithful grindstone.
The weekends never take long enough!

This weekend The Fam celebrated father's day weekend on the porch with cold (for about three seconds) beer on Friday night, with steak and a movie on Saturday night, and with swimming, fried chicken, and an across Delta trip on Sunday.

The Hubie and I most enjoyed the fact that at the movies my thirty pound five year old was literally eaten by the chair.  Turns out she does not weigh enough to hold the seat down.  That seat snapped her up like an alligators mouth then in her quiet, squeaky voice she hollered "mom, mom, mom". 
"OH," I said in shock and stated that I would help her.  I pushed the seat down with my hand and let it go. 
There Lucy was again flying into position with her feet sticking straight up in the air trapped for dear life!  "mom, mom, mom... that didn't, mom, mom"
Needless to say, she sat in my lap the rest of the movie and was on the edge of her seat.

Here some of the photo evidence from Friday with more of the weekend to be shown later this week.

(please note how dirty and sweat these youngins are)

I think I am getting better with the camera.  What do you think?

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