Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Suck!

I officially SUCK!  I have still not downloaded pictures to unleash my "The Hubie is Gone D.I.Y Project". 

I vowed to loose seven pounds following the discovery that I have gained seven pound.  Instead of watching my weight I have chosen eat
seven pounds of pretzels. Yay Me!

I am also a selfish bitch who yet again wants so much!
Here is a sampling of some of my present wants (in no certain order)!

The Semi-Annual Sale is the devil!!

And this might be a Christmas or birthday wish (hint, hint)

Well pizza and beer at dinner will be the icing on the diet plan cake.
Guess I need a positive thought, huh!

Maybe laughing

at my self for singing along to this crap or

Got one:
6. When I get home I always get a hug! Maybe not right away but everyday... Really (lucky huh)!

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