Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where Have I Been

Where I have I been?

My child is burned to hell and back.
He has not been sleeping
So I have not been sleeping well as well!

No sleep makes Ginny a something, something.
It also has decreased my will to blog.

Look how pitiful, though..
(it is all over his back like this)

These are two of the 4 men to blame for the fishing trip that lead to the intense pain felt by my baby.

I would be mad but three of the adult culprits to blame are all burned up like an extra in Ladder 49 too.
Sorry fellas!
Thanks for giving my baby possibly his last
fishing trip. 
He is going to be hard pressed to
want to go again... I bet!

I threw some salt and peppered chops in
a crock pot with some onion slices,
can of cream of mushroom soup,
1/2 envelop of french onion soup mix, couple of splashes of Worcestershire, and garlic yesterday morning. 
Cooked on warm all day!
It was really, really good and easy cheesy.
Served with white rice, green beans, and freshed sliced tomatoes,
It was the bomb.

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