Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hubie and The Boy are Maning It Up D.I.Y Project!

See I don't sleep without The Hubie home.  I never have really.
Some past examples to better explain include watching Fireproof, scrubbing the cabinets in the kitchen, and laying in bed all night cradling the Mag lite (my hero). 
Well anyway, I believe strongly in a project which made for a really clean home and tight abs when The Hubie worked nights.

Finally, I unleash the secret that The Hubie came home too.
This time I branched out of my comfort zone, and I painted, with some Lucy Goosey help, the fridge with chalkboard paint.

In my dream home, chalkboard paint graces many walls but in the real thing not one until now. 
It was kind of a bitch, but I finished!

Here is the final product....

This project required sanding (first time), slapping on some primer (3 coats), Rollin on five coats of chalkboard paint, and then re sanding some bad spots. 
It was long but was possible through stops to the house in between birthday party madness. 
Pretty excited.  D.I.Y might be my new thing...
sorry to The Hubie

#7.  I am lucky because I don't get docked pay for never being on
time... Hell Yea!

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