Friday, June 17, 2011

Clips on Fridays!

One of the biggest benefits of
The Hubie
working at a book store with
a bunch of men
is the fabulous information and tips
I obtain.
One of the most recent is this amazing book spawned from
some dude's facebook post.
P.S... when you look this up on the internet porn pops up.  Please don't fire me NSMC!

What could be better than this title, you ask?
Samuel L. Jackson
reading the audio book.
(really, listen so f**king funny, but not a work!)

The Hubie and I plan to make the journey to Greenwood to
watch Super 8

with The Boy and The LaLa...
The Bitchest will not be making it!

Tonight, The Fam looks forward to cuddling up with a helping popcorn surprise and
watching one of the best movies every (in my opinion).

The Burbs

I hope you have as much fun with your family and the Dad in your life as I plan to have with mine!
Father's Day Hell Yeah!

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