Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Man Adventure

Today, The Hubie and The Boy ventured off on a fishing extravaganza in Arkansas with other manly friends.  They woke up early to head to Wild Bill's Outfitter's in the Ozarks of Arkansas on the Buffalo River.  The two girls and I must fend for ourselves.  THANK YOU GOD FOR A MAN BREAK!  I hope the men have a great trip and return safely and that my love of Lucy provides her the extra attention she needs.  Here are some generic photos from the web of the buffalo and the adventures in store for The Hubie and The Boy (if they don't kill each other!)

How nice, right?

Thanks for Today,
4. That I can enjoy a break from The Hubie, sometimes
(plan to clean closets and watch Teen Mom Marathons)

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