Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I Learned from 127 Hours

I really should purchase more Kavu products!


I think all God's children need Mag Lites!

Swiss Army knives rock and ones from China make it harder to saw off your own arm.

When death is impending, water is absent, and arm functioning is impaired, Men continue to think about sex and might try to jack off (just to see). Gross!!

Danny Boyle creates beautiful movies that trigger feelings of both pain and peace through their a individualized description and vision.... For example:

Pain in the form of disgust for these lost people and DEAD BABY (oh my, haunted) Beauty in telling a drug tale with entertainment but not glorification.

Pain visualized in no answers, no family, no information, and no security. (very human) Beauty shown in the love gained the hope kept.

Hard to watch because of the fast moving subtitles, some intense poverty, and some hell-of-a beatings. Beauty in escaping into another country and into the love of two lost souls. Also those kids got to go the the Oscars...Awesome!

If trapped by a rock, cut your arm off on day 3... Waiting until 5 is just showing off.

And for the love of God if you leave home leave somebody a post it stating her whereabouts!!!!


Overall this movie was not a joy to watch, but the film was gorgeous. If to die anywhere, allowing the Earth to eat you whole might be the best way. I feel this story was told fairly and did not display that sappy snot fueled mess I expected.

I recommend watching, and I will doubtfully ever watch again!

(sidebar: I would have used a jam band soundtrack or at least had Trey A. to compose the score due to Aron's obvious fan ship)

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