Friday, April 1, 2011

Clips on Fridays

On this Friday, I have very little to talk about. Gram made it to the Presidents list after a long year, Lucy wore a white 24 months dress with smocked bows over a pair of brown skinny cords with pink trim (she was not very happy with it), and Elliott cried for me when I left and I want to stay with her. I actually stuff to do this weekend and I am excited. Tonight, I will not eat meat. Tomorrow, The fam travels to Rosedale for Hanks b-day celebration. On Sunday, My crew will take it to Mary Neff's house for her annual fish fry (that myself and Elliott have not been to before). I look forward to all of it but not the the hangovers that will two be apart of at least the Rosedale part! It has been a long week and the numbing feelings gained by booze and possible Zanax pieces are well deserved and desired. Word on the street is that a horrible bus accident occurred on Hwy 61 near Shaw this morning and lives may have been lost. I ask that you pray for those involved as I will and to keep them in your hearts. I watched the Smoking Gun (one of my favorite shows sans Tonya Harding). I love these two idoit tastic clips and hope you do love them too. Please enjoy! This is what I will look like in Rosedale at some point before someone puts me to bed! How great is that??? I found this CD and turned it up this morning. This song rocks. Way to go Misfits! When Gram was crying as a baby, I rode around Hattiesburg jammin this tune and he started to replace the tears with head bangs. (good parenting with all the killing babies talk but Oh! well.

I hope to see you in my festivities!

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