Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today, I finally fixed my tires and in a few hours I will get my haircut. I HATE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW!!! The stuff falls out all over the house as if I suffered cancer treatments. I am ready. Since December 2010, I perplexed about cutting my do into a bob such as one of these. Sitting in church Sunday watching the hair of the congregation getting longer and longer.... I chickened out. I am just going to get a trim with some color to hide the massive amounts to grey about!!! Grief stricken describes me. I long to be brave with my hair and CUT IT OFF. I however associate beauty and attraction from others based on my hair length. Hank could give a shit and the interest expressed by others should not matter to me. But, the view of others does bother and worry me greatly. I want to look young and sexy and fear that a drastic hair change would further weaken my self image. Well maybe next time....

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