Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Review

I went to lunch with my best friends A and Will and A's sister Erin and was eating away when I screamed OH SHIT. I had forgotten about my pledge. I then ate some more (got to get my moneys worth). Gross, Sorry, I suck......

This weekend my family watched Haunted Honeymoon for movie night.
The kids laughed and questioned the Dom Deluise's fancy for cross dressing but all was well.
I ate some, um.... and bites of shrimp poboy which is not very good.
Shrimp tastes like soap to me go figure.

I smoked cigarettes and I......

drank lots of bud. After every conversation from religion, to rock, to my ability to blog, I said toodles to my hubbie and passed smack out in the bed.
My spouse had a bizarre late night that I only heard about while trying to make midnight water.

Following somewhat of a headache and day of shopping with my middle and most precious and suck ass potty training Elliott (not successful)... She peed all over the floor moments after I left the house after hours of to the potty .... back and forth. I HATE THIS PARENTING CRAP...Well, I digress.

We watched Megamind on Saturday. It was pretty cute in fact.
We ate more popcorn following a steak dinner cooked redneck style by my hubbie in honor of my very sunburned and handsome son.

Then to Mass we go in which I spent every last minute in the bathroom. Sit on the potty, throw toilet paper in potty, flush potty, wash hands, and leave the room. Then go right back in to do it again.

On Sunday afternoon the girls and I went to the princess party of Stella. Yea! Miki!! It was quite the success. The party not only was full of kids and moms but dads as well which is a birthday party oddity. What a cute cake... P.S.

Then on to take dance class group recital picture. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! Thanks to the Hodo's for hookin us up with some shoes and socks. Yes, Miki we forgot shoes on Sunday as well (IT IS CONTAGIOUS!)

I broke down and bought this dress to slip in Elliott's Easter Basket..... I just thought it was cutie patootie!

This is what Lucy is asking for.... She said she would settle for "a zebra print cowboy hat" if the Easter bunny did not have access to a Gap! WHAT THE HELL!! My child asks for a fedora, really!
I do think it is cute and she might get it early if her mom is feeling frisky.

Well, that was my weekend can't wait to see the week. If I am already sinning on Monday at lunch, this week looks pretty good!

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  1. Please let Lucy wear the hat to the photo shoot!!!