Thursday, March 10, 2011

Check Out This Giveaway on My Friends Blogs!

We all love a giveaway right. Come on... I know you make comments on blogs in hopes of winning things you may not even want. Well this is an opportunity to get something great and for a good cause!

That sassy Blondie in that family photo above is Miki McCurdy. Her photography and design skills are sweeping the Delta. You might have seen her work advertising for the Sweet Pea or you might have grabbed one of her cards while in the Parlor and other local businesses. I bet you witnessed her talents in the pictures that you envy in your friends' homes and websites. Watching my friends Stephanie and Robert's kids grow through her lens and artistic vision has been a fun for me personally.

Now you can have her photograph you and your clan. In a great giveaway, encouraging the success of TEAM CHARLIE ROGAN you can win a 30 minute session with the Miki all for yourself...And it is easy to register...Why does this continue to get better and better!!!???

To register to win you have to go to and make a donation. For every ten dollars you give you will receive an entry. DO YOU MEAN A $100 WILL GET ME 10 CHANCES!!! Yes I most certainly do! You have until March 18Th to get your pocket book out and shell out some dough. Don't forget to write on Stephanie's blog at to inform her of your addition to the loot and insure that you get registered. Be sure to leave a method for her to contact you if you are the big winner like an email or phone number.


An expression of the Gillespie family by Miki

(just some of the evidence of how bad you want this)

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  1. YAY! Thank you! You make me sound kinda cool.