Friday, March 11, 2011

Daily meditation 3.11.10

Yesterdays meditation was a dud so I did not comment!!! Today the two I read were interesting to me. They both related to fasting for lent and really not eating meat on Fridays. P.S. I learned that the nasty fillet-of fish and indirectly the "give me some fillet-of-fish commercials" (which are infectious) have lent to blame. Thank you very much once again you Catholics!!! Anyway back to the inspiration part, right.
I learned first that not eating meat or eating it is my choice. I reminded that it is a symbol. It is a symbol that unites millions of people in one act on one day a week. Struggles and hardship bring moments of longing that hint at the pains of others and remind us of our blessings. Free will exists, and the choice is ours. Which one will I make, the right or the wrong one. God's want remain mysterious really, but I feel the unbearable pain of self defeat and disappointment when I devalue and distrust my morals. I decide how to live and if to take the time to care and help others daily or just SUCK. It is the small choices that make a man more that he big ones I fear and send so much time planning for.
I can act more kindly.
I will take more steps to notice my actions today.
I prayed with my children last night amongst the fight of who was going to play the DSi whatever other crap they could invent. I don't know that it helped them but it tells me of my children's' need for more time with the real, there me and not just the body.
I am going to ask my son for a hot spring break date next week to the movies and offer him the
opportunity to ask Lucy Goosie only if he wants to. I think he needs on 1:1 time, but I let his free will make the choice. That is if he accepts my invitation!

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