Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Really Suck!

This blogging is really hard for me. I struggle to get going in the morning much less report on it but I am tring to be a better human so bear with me please. I have not taken pictures of Lucy much lately. I think that I just want to forget some of her recent esembles. I did record her outfit last friday which was fancy day. She was very proud.

I find that I may not be able to report my weight. I really struggle to be accountable. I weighed 105.6 last time I weighed this weekend which caused me to freakout. I guess I am better off not knowing or am I?

My spirtual journey encouraged me to identify a way to sacriface during lent. I am going to give up chips which means big old chip party today. I really look forward to fighting temptation. I hope that I can continued to read my devotional daily and find inhanced insight (God Willing). I took the kids to mass but did not gain a bit of inlightenment because my youngest and most precious was wondering to neighboring pews and hanging out with random strangers (to her at least). Problem is that I thought is so cute and funny that they should laugh and enjoy her antics. I was advised to maybe use the quiet room! Maybe next Sunday.

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  1. NO worries about her rambling the isles! And i am right there with ya on not gaining anything from mass when the little ones are in tow/toe - whichever. That's why all of mine are found in the nursery every time the doors are open!