Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hank's Birthday Dinner

Hank and I pondered what to eat for dinner yesterday morning as we do each day. Do we settle for leftovers, eat out again, or pick at junk in the house. After some thought, I decide my man needed something swanky on his b-day. I prepared a small (frozen) lobster and Scallops which were sauteed with garlic in bacon fat and served over pasta with a bacon and lemon cream sauce. Then smothered a salad in Cesar dressing and dinner was served. I fed the kids a thin crust frozen pizza from the fresh market that even Lucy would eat. Watched a cute old movie called the Crystal Ball. Everyone was healthy and happy.

Peace at the Pantin House, Woo hoo!

I rednecked his birthday present by bistowing a carton of smokes, a 4 pack of Guinness, and a six pack of Stella on him. Way to class it up, Ginny Dank.

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