Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cocky Hollywood

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The sounds of Hollywood flowed through the streets of Greenwood and the surrounding Delta for what felt like and eternity. Surprisingly, it was really kicking for about four months when Greenwood housed The Help cast and crew. Don't get me wrong some of the infecting were lovely and I am glad to have had their brief company. Others were annoying, bossy suck asses (with possible coke problems/sex addictions). Mind you, "people" told me that some of the racist old biddies in our homeland followed some of the African American actresses around in stores as if they were shop lifting. So, I guess the the mixed emotions related to this place and that movie go both ways.

The trailer premiered on Monday night on ABC and many of the blogs have posted it this week. The world is a buzz. Well, I adore Entertainment Weekly and use it to gain many an opinion. One of my favorite issues every year is the summer movie preview addition. This week they profiled The Help in the August section with an interview (this is the 2ND one page article on The Help in this magazine).
I thought the article sucked!!!! They interviewed Tate Taylor, the director, and he dropped the f-bomb, talked about getting drunk with the cast, and treated Greenwood like a poor, pitiful financial project.

How Tacky, Tate!

That movie's cast and crew brought money into the community (a lot) of it and caused us to spend more money eating out and generally being seen. It was fun, I am glad it is over, and I thank them all for the both the money and the memories. The Help's energy helped Greenwood in a time when most of the country needed someone somewhere to throw them a bone.  But, The Help did not save anyone that I know personally, and I seriously doubt ever will.

Dramatic divisions in not only race but class paint our lives and as a person I am slowly trying to grow and change. The Delta and many of it's residence have and always will be impoverished. But, Delta people survive and are rich in culture. These flat landed individuals make life work year after hard year.

Deltans' pride themselves in their home, their food, their land, and their freedoms!

Deltans' spit on Hollywood's pity!
So, go adopt some foreign child or start a school in Zimbabwe, Hollywood!

Stop looking like a classless asshole Tate, and please for the love of God, don't try to save anything but your own dumb ass!
Thank you, bunches...

(Yes, I do curse quite a bit in my blog and might one day throw down the f bomb, but Iwas raised to know when to be yourself and when to put on airs.)

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