Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clips on Fridays

This Easter I plan to join the Catholic faith officially.  In honor of my new move, I dedicated all the clips to the theme of religion (mostly of the Catholic nature).  If I finish the process, you can call me Catholic as of Saturday at 11 pm. 
Now to better understand this, I have gone through confirmation process four time in the past (3 times in other faiths and 1x with the Catholic) in all of them I chickened out, gave up or dropped out. 
  My husband was told last night that it he was told the process of joining the church was like "hazing".  It involves guilt, manipulation, hurt, and struggle, and that my friends puts any fraternity to shame.  The goal is make me stronger in faith, but presently, I just want to nap and prayers that I will show up on Saturday!!


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