Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Be Gone

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Today, My youngest and most precious Elliott turns the big girl 2. For the last couple of months daycare worked to prepare me. They moved her to the big girl class, we bought panties, and started to discuss the tossing of the "pappy" (what Elliott calls her pacifier).

Despite every one's best efforts,

I am officially not OK with this!!!

I don't remember this being so hard with the other 2 kids. I longed for them to potty train and grow up so that I could have more help and more relief. Maybe because this is my last baby, maybe because she was born wanting to be twenty, maybe because I spent so many long nights with her in the hospital, or maybe because I am older; I just wanted her to stay little a little bit longer. With any other kid, I would say I am glad she is happy and healthy, but Elliott is mostly annoyed and almost always sick so that does not fit her.

I guess it is more fitting to say I am glad for her bitchy, bossy, cute, thinking she is grown, and living life her own way ass. She makes up her own names for people, she plays with your head, and she understand everything you say to her but can't talk worth a shit. And, she rarely minds you although she knows what she is suppose to do.

I love her; She is infectious!!!

I sucked up my bottom lip and threw together a Where The Wild Things Party. In patting myself on the back, the party turned out creative and cute. The pictures do not do it justice, but I witnessed both the young and the young at heart rocking a good time with the help of some cardboard boxes, a grill and some rum spiked "drink" (just for the grown folks).

Laps were run, beers/jungle juice were drunk, nails were polished, tacos were eaten and gossip rang in the air. Something for everyone literally.

PS... I want a nice camera to better have evidence to my children that sometimes I give a shit!

Happy B-Day my Elliott. I can't wait to watch you become a kid and then a woman, but I sure am glad you are just a toddler for now.


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  1. oooo! it looks like such a fun party! I hate we missed it. My "wild" bunch would have fit right in. :)