Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Four Twenty and 9 More Years!

Hey guys, Today is the four twenty and that means The Hubbie and I successful made it another year.  The four twenty welcomes one more year of wedded bliss and not a celebration of the crunk.  I told The Hubbie, "it feels like so much longer".  I don't mean that in an unhappy way!  I just barely remember my life without The Hubbie as a key member of the day to day.  Our love swept like rapid fire.  He passed out on me (on a couch), we kissed, we got knocked up, and we got married. 
Quite the love story if you ask me. 
 Our nine years have not been a breeze by any means.  Late night work schedules, school attempts, baby after baby, too much alcohol, releasing of our youth, finding adulthood, and little money plagued us through many of the years, but we overcame and trucked along. 
As a child, I dreamed of a man who loved his children as much if not more than he loved me.  I fantasied about owning my own home even if it was a shack.  I hoped to rarely sleep alone.
  My dreams were fufilled by The Hubbie.  The dream did not arrive in the package or on the day I expected but it did come. 
(I said come.)
I look forward to more years with The Hubbie and will never regret the joy-filled and the pain-filled last nine. 

Thank you Hank for tolerating me and please over look my iniquities for one more year!

Here are some flashbacks of my not so fantasy wedding!

On four-twenty, Dr. Dre finally released his long awaited album Detox.
(How cute Dre!)

I am a fan of the Dr. Dre, and I welcome him back to the saddle again.

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