Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sun and Fun

What are my favorite things? No, no not my spouse and children.
I love sunshine and parties with all my heart. I grew up in a home that was fairly outdated and always dirty. My priority, of course, was not making my bed, but friends and family were always welcome.
In adulthood, I continue to feel that way. My house is certainly not the nicest or trendiest. The abode will never be the cleanest in town, but I feel honored and joyed to have friends stop over to share my afternoon (and help me half ass parent). This Sunday some friends, family and their children stopped by for a late afternoon "impromptu" party. I enjoyed my afternoon so much. The highlights were the vodka tea, the my son being horse kicked, my cousin's dry humor, crazy statements, iced cookies in ears/foreheads, surprise visit with Erin, and the men rocking pool time with the kids. Thanks everyone and hope to continue to have many more sunny bashes (you are all invited most days!). No parent is perfect but this Sunday I felt that we are all doing the best we can without loosing ourselves.

Family fun is a lot more fun than all those single people realize!

REFESHING SWEET TEA... While catching up on my three month old pop culture!

Baby catching up on out dated pop culture just like her momma.

Want get in the pool just like momma. Notice the near passing out red face.

Dads doing their things.

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