Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Do You Walk around With Those Things?


Well guys, I barely write and share my thoughts. However, I want to do better and plan to write at least three times weekly as my goal! Pray for me.

This is kind of an old thought, but it often haunts me. I love each of my children and have varied relationships with each. My son, my oldest loves me, and I love him but we often fit together like oil and water. However, I am the parent he trust with all the age old questions and not my husband. Why me I ask?

I have all sisters. I rarely had much relationship with men and continued to be surprised by the workings of my spouse. What gets my husband excited at times does not exactly blow my top. In conclusion, men are weird and often gross, but we love that about them.

All this leads to my son asking me what his balls were. WHAT???? It is partly my fault for blowing drying my hair while he was in the bathroom. But how do you answer that? I am not even sure what they do or why in God's name they look like that! I tried to provide the simple answer that they help your penis/ "teeter" work. That led to more questions. Can someone kick one of them off and can you Pee/ "tee, tee" if they do? This is where my mistakes come to life. I said, "I knew someone that got one kicked off and he goes to the bathroom fine. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO A CHILD?? My punishment....More questions, a larger water bill (delayed bathing), a resistance to soccer and I am sure 1yr of additional therapy.
Well at my rate as a mother what is one more year!!!

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