Friday, August 13, 2010


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I love to watch the relationship with my all my children grow and change, but the one between my two girls excites me to no end.
I have three older sisters with them ranging from 10-13yrs older then me. I got a lot of love and ample instruction; however, I never tasted those special moments that I see in pictures at others homes to immortalize childhood bonding.

Oh, poor me right! Not hardly, I now get to watch my girls grow together in life and in pictures. And believe me, They are having a ball. One example is the times that Lucy wants to not be "big" and take a shower (somewhat by herself) and instead wants to be "little" in the bath tub with her little sis/new best friend.

Barbies and kens alike have many misadventures and trips to the beach. A bath crayon means the true development of original art and ritualistic writings. While I, on the other hand, get to finish supper and Grams homework in peace with the distant humming of laughter and life's memories being made.
Sometime child rearing does have its little gifts and is worth every penny and lost hour!!
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