Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Holiday Season is Upon Me!

Well my few followers, I have not blogged my life is some time. In order to redeem myself and my blogging skills, I plan to back track my life starting with the present and reflecting back.
I will start my journey through the past starting with Halloween. I have adored this most devilish of holidays since my early childhood. I have a passion to pretend for a moment that I am a more

confident, sexy, and a socially able nurse, doctor, fairy, etc...

My sadistic husband shares my passion for horror movies and all things gore. The sound of my home in October is a constant 24 hour movie showing of screams and leaves crunching from the Disney channel to TCM. I have always made my kids costumes and looked forward to my faithful tradition. But kids, will be kids! They went as Star Wars characters (thanks Hank), but I let go and valued their cuteness after all.

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Posted by Picasa

I also dressed up and went through the drunken process that allows me to be youthful but reminds me how close to thirty I am.

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