Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gram's Birthday

In the honor of backtracking, I share the Gramenstiens big 8Th joint b-day with his best friend Mr. Head.

Well Gram's best friend Hunter Head has the same birthday which makes birthday planning a little nuts. This year we cut the mess and decided to do this shindig as a team. But then I went and pulled a Ginny by hoarding some stress. Ya Me!

So this is what happened....
The birthday was planned for October the 23rd, one day before the big b-day. I invited my niece to spend the night before thinking it would be fun and give my sister a break. And it was fun but Gram takes a medication to prevent migraines that makes the strongest man sleepy. My precious child has rarely made it to ten o'clock in his lifetime and has never stayed up after dosing his medication, but we have to test everything. In response to the kiddie heroine,
Gram vomited a train of disorganized emotion that even the best therapist would struggle to decipher. He cried, I cried. I felt the most intense aching that I have ever experienced. My sweet hubby rushed to my side and attempted to not only comfort me but remind me of the reality of the situation.

(1)He is 8 and has not experience near the level of pain that he will
(2) He is trying to grow and growing hurts
(3) and most importantly, He is doped up out of his mind.

His attempts are no match to the ever present crazy that is Ginny.
After no sleep, I woke to buy his favorite Donut and surprise him with a candle and a morning rendition of Happy Birthday. Failure! Resulting in a briefly heart broken Momma. And the beat goes on.
In the end, the party was a success.
Following a super po party, I was left alone with my son and his closest friend. I stayed a foot away from them but tried to be and observer. They shot each other with nerf guns, talked about kissing (gram has not), crushes (Gram has none), faith in the police force(after watching a drunk get arrested at Shoney's), and then God. Oh yes, God!

"Ms. Ginny does God and the Devil having meetings like countries that fight in wars?"
"What do you Think?"
"Well God knows everything so he does not have to meet with the Devil because he already knows; God is a really good man and I like him"
"Well Mom, I don't think God is a man."
"Oh, you don't"
"no I think he is the space around all the planets; How far does space go?"; "It does matter it is bigger than I count."

I then snuggled up close to my sweet son and cherished the time that he was still my baby. Then I remember that I am not in control of his life or his happiness. I am just a very lucky sidekick in his journey to manhood.

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